Monday, April 14, 2014

Biblical Catholicism Booksite: Permanent 44-50% E-Book Discounts (ePub & Mobi: $4.99 / PDF: $1.99)

By Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong

This is my booksite: with its own domain name: launched on 13 April 2014. My friend Mike Mudd has been extremely gracious and generous with his time in designing it; and did a great job. 

As of this writing, I have 41 of my 43 books available, and new ones will be added as they come out (two in the next few months that I'm working on); also audio files of radio interviews. I'm now offering mobi files (which work with Amazon Kindle readers), as well as ePubs and PDFs for almost all titles (one is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file: my sharpest e-book: for The One-Minute Apologist: designed by my friend John O'Connor).

The standard, ongoing low prices are $4.99 for ePubs and Mobis and $1.99 for PDFs. All prices will be either $4.99 or $1.99. I will be offering free audio files from radio interviews soon, too.

It's simple, easy to remember, and a permanent deep discount. It's still the case that the middle man is eliminated and most of the profit from sales goes directly to me. If you want to support my work and directly benefit me by buying my books, ordering from this site is the way to do it. For those of you who don't know about my "situation": I'm a full-time apologist (12 years +), and my income comes primarily from book royalties (along with, also, generous contributions from supporters of my apostolate).

Most e-books sold by professional publishers are $8.99-$9.99. Thus, on my booksite you will save 44%-50% on all the books all the time. If you have less money to spend (who doesn't these days?!), you can buy one of my books for $1.99 as a PDF. It would be tough to find prices that low anywhere: i.e., for an established (still living!) author of over 40 books who has been published "officially" nine times, by five different publishers. If you can find lower e-book prices than this, please let me know. I'd love to see it!

The site sells all my books except for two recent ones. This includes my five published with Sophia Institute Press, which are several of my most well-known books (A Biblical Defense of Catholicism, The Catholic Verses, The One-Minute Apologist, The Quotable Newman, and Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths). I received express permission from Sophia to sell the e-books on my own.

It includes my book of Chesterton quotations, and also my notes for The Catholic Answer Bible (later expanded to The New Catholic Answer Bible with additional notes from Dr. Paul Thigpen). On my new site only, you can purchase the text of the inserts (minus the Bible). That brings you 44 one-page treatments of all the major topics, with Scripture and Catechism references. Just $4.99 (16 cents per topic!).

I hope you will visit and purchase often, and please spread the world if you would. This is my bread and butter. I'm bringing you prices as low as I can possibly make them and still get any profit at all. The idea is that folks will hopefully buy buy BUY, and then I'll make decent money in volume. But Catholic apologetics is a very tiny market, which is always my challenge.

I need lots of folks coming to my site who are predisposed to buy apologetics books. Thus, your prayers and spreading the message would be greatly appreciated as I launch this new venture. I don't have a bunch of capital that I can sock into advertising and technical services, so that everything is a spectacular success right away. It's just me, with my meager income, doing all I can.

All major credit cards are accepted, and you can also pay via PayPal if you so choose. The book files are almost instantly sent to your e-mail address for immediate reading. You can sign up at the site, so that all your address information, etc., will be saved for later purchases.

The master books page on my blog will remain open and updated as well. It includes links to all my books in all formats (including good old-fashioned paperback), with convenient links to info-pages for each book, so you can see how the prices work and what is available. I just updated it today. 

It's a great way to buy books very inexpensively. Again (I want to emphasize this), in buying from this site, there is no middle man, which means I receive almost 100% profit or royalties, minus only small transaction fees and a modest monthly fee for the site and use of Shopify. If you want low-cost books and you'd like to see me receive most of the royalties, then this is the way to go. 

Everybody's happy: you get low low prices, and I have more income coming in, so that I can continue my full-time apologetics apostolate and bring you more apologetics books and other materials all the time (as I've been doing since 1993, online since 1997, and full-time since December 2001).
I hope you will seriously consider purchasing some books. I'm here as your servant, entirely by God's grace and for His glory, always, in an effort to help Catholics become more confident and assured in our faith, to harmonize faith and reason, and to understand why we believe what we believe, in order to effectively share the Message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the fullness of the Catholic faith with others.

Happy reading! I'm honored and humbled and deeply grateful that you read my writing. All glory to God.

* * * * * 


Mark Alan said...

Congratulations Mr. Armstrong!

About time! LOL!

This is a great blessing for those of us who love our Catholic Faith and are severely intellectually challenged.(Me!)

Thank you and God Bless

Dave Armstrong said...

I used to sell e-books through Payloadz, but the returns went down too much, so I stopped it. I thought that with new kinds of files and bulk discounts, I could revive this "trade" of selling my e-books.

Proof's in the pudding!