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Dave Armstrong's Family "Christmas Card" for 2013

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Star of Bethlehem -- watercolor by Edward Burne-Jones (1890)

We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful, blessed new year; with much love:

Dave & Judy, Paul, Michael, Matthew, and Angelina Armstrong 

Joseph's Carol
[my 12th Christmas poem written since 1996]

My name is Joseph, descendant of King David and father of the savior of the world;

From Nazareth, a town in Galilee, from which, it was said, nothing good ever came!

I was betrothed to sweet, lovely Mary, serious and ever holy, even as a young girl;

Joyously awaiting marriage, we never imagined what an angel would soon proclaim.

Glorious Gabriel suddenly appeared to my beloved, and at first she was quite afraid;

Hailing Mary as "full of grace" and thus confirming her exceptionally favored state.

Speaking of a wondrous child, born of God the Holy Spirit, in her womb to be made;

"Second Eve" was overshadowed by God and Jesus took flesh: at conception great.

Not knowing this at first, I was greatly distressed to find my betrothed with child,

And resolved to divorce her quietly, so as to spare her any public scandal or shame.

But then an angel spoke to me in a dream, affirming Mary's innocence all the while;

The Holy Spirit had indeed conceived  "God with us": He who would heal the lame.

Later that year, we journeyed to David's Bethlehem: for a census to be signed by all;

Even though Mary, riding a donkey, was great with child: a mother very soon to be.

Seeking a warm inn as the time drew nigh, we found no lodging but an animal's stall.

There newborn baby Jesus lay in a manger; adored by parents and shepherds, was He.

We escaped to Egypt to flee Herod's wrath; the Messiah he had determined to shun;

Mary and I found Jesus, at twelve years old, teaching in the temple, warning of hell.

He was our pride and joy, and what a privilege: our many years with the God the Son! 

As Jesus grew, I taught Him the carpenter's trade; from Him I learned much as well.

Happy and wonderful!: the blessed time we spent with our Lord who was yet our son;

Peace filled our hearts as Jesus told us of God's gospel and kingdom message wise.

Though I would not live to see Him preaching, healing in Galilee: sinners to be won,

I'll never forget my son's birth, with glowing angels and the star lighting up the skies.

Written on December 5-6, 2013
[see my Christmas page, with links to my other eleven poems]

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Armstrong Family: Christmas 2012: children from left to right: Paul (then 21), Matthew (16), Michael (19), and Angelina (11)

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