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Anti-Catholic "Rhology" (Alan Maricle) Mocks Catholic Pro-Lifers and the Rosary: Says it Makes Demons "Laugh Uproariously"

By Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong

"Rhology" is a pseudonym for Alan Maricle, who is from Norman, Oklahoma, and attends Trinity Baptist Church there. See evidences [one / two / three / four / five / six]

I rarely document what the anti-Catholics [i.e., those who deny that Catholicism is Christian] do anymore (I used to, quite a bit), but this was too bizarre to pass up. Rather than concentrating on the evil of abortion (he found out some Catholics dared to pray the Rosary at a death camp), this anonymous critic would rather condemn his brothers and sisters in Christ. Is it any wonder that the abortion holocaust continues unchecked, with this sort of division among Christians?:

[Title] And now, some slightly blasphemous prayers

. . . Leaving aside the question of whether the Rosary has any effect on abortion (other than making demons laugh uproariously), . . .

He links the words about the demons to this passage (his supposed prooftext):

Proverbs 28:9 (NASB) He who turns away his ear from listening to the law, Even his prayer is an abomination.

Scott Alt takes him to task:

Rhol­ogy pro­ceeds in his next para­graph to spec­u­late that the Rosary has no effect what­so­ever on abor­tion, but that it does "mak[e] demons laugh uproar­i­ously." There’s no men­tion of whether demons laugh at abor­tion itself, or the con­tin­ual re-election of Nancy Pelosi. Rhol­ogy is cer­tain, how­ever, that they are in stitches at the recita­tion of Luke 1:28 and Luke 1:42–43. . . .

Catholics and Reformed Protes­tants have seri­ous dif­fer­ences, and they merit dis­cus­sion and debate. But in the con­text of our shared out­rage at the mur­der of the unborn: Rhol­ogy, let it go.

He won't. Bashing and lying about Catholics is clearly a greater priority for anti-Catholics who "reason" like Rhology than stopping the murder of preborn babies by the millions.

Elsewhere, he mocks the Rosary again: "So how many holy Rosaries does it take to get Joe Biden excommunicated?" To which I respond: "I guess, how many Protestant spontaneous prayers it takes to end legal abortion and stop the slaughter, after 55 million . . ."

If one thing is a supposed "difficulty," so is the other, far more. But that is threatening to actually be logical and fair-minded . . .

This is what Maricle / "Rhology" thinks of me, by the way:
In reality, you're a special case. You're a false teacher, and a borderline obsessive-compulsive, incorrigible, tenacious one at that. Biblically, a Christian is not to treat you like he treats the majority of lost people. Rather, you are a wolf in sheep's clothing, cooing "come back to the true church" to unwitting people, some of whom follow the sweet voice and are devoured by the enemy. You are to be opposed, and that means exposing your foolish reasoning and false Gospel and "answering a fool according to his folly". May God have mercy on you.

(8-21-09, on the Boors All website, originally in the comments under this post: now safely removed, of course; fortunately, I preserved it)

A Lutheran woman in the thread referred to above, Brigitte, who is no less critical of the Rosary, but who isn't anti-Catholic, stated:

I would not say that RC does not have the gospel, as they also preach Christ and allow people to come to confession and receive absolution. 

Without missing a beat, maniacal Maricle promptly dissed her, too:

I seriously fear for your soul, Brigitte.

You see, even if a fellow Christian, a Lutheran (in the anti-Catholic's eyes) dares to disagree with the mantra of Catholics being utterly devoid of the gospel, then their soul is in distinct danger of hellfire, too, and maybe they were never "saved" to begin with (in this version of theology). Now poor feckless, ignorant Brigitte is placed in the same box that we lowly idolatrous, pagan, Pelagian, unregenerate papists are in.

[see also the corresponding Facebook post and discussion there]

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Paul Hoffer said...

Dave, It is truly unfortunate that Mr. Maricle once more has chosen to mock Catholic prayers without any attempt to understand them. Since his hermeneutic is one of discontinuity, he believes that the rosary and the Marian prayers listed in his article constitute an act of worshipping Mary. He ignores the simple fact that the rosary is a prayer to Our Lord Jesus Christ through the eyes of Mary. He mentions nothing of the fact that it is a contemplative prayer reflecting on the Incarnation, ministry, Passion, Resurrection and Ascension of Christ and the life that all Christians hope to share in the Kingdom of God that is to come in the Joyous, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries. He fails to mention that at the beginning of each meditation, we begin with praising God Our Father in the prayer Our Lord taught us to say and end each mystery contemplated giving Glory to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Given his disdain for repetitive prayer or its function, I imagine that Mr. Maricle has ripped verses like Rev. 4:8 where the angels pray day and night without cessation the same words "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!" out of his bible or has redacted entire sections like Psalm 136 because if he is offended by a Hail Mary being repeated 10X in a row, he must find really loathsome the psalmist using the phrase "For His steadfast love endures forever" 26 times in a row. And no doubt, he agrees with his tradition tossing out Dan. 3:52-90 because it calls on all creation, living, dead, animate, inanimate, spirit and flesh to "Bless the Lord" like the litanies he denigrates.

I will say a rosary for him and his cohorts tonight at my Eucharistic adoration this evening.

God bless!

Scott Alt said...

Likewise, I intend to pray a novena of Rosaries for Mr. Maricle, and include him in my Mass intention throughout Lent and the Easter Vigil. May his heart be converted by the very prayers he now disdains.

Paul Hoffer said...

One more thing, perhaps while Mr. Maricle is mocking what he thinks is an unbiblical tradition, perhaps he can show us where in the Bible demons laugh, chuckle, or even have a sense of humor... Otherwise, is it not rather hypocritical for him to use such unbibiblical imagery to attack something he believes is unbiblical?

Dave Armstrong said...

Excellent points, Paul: especially your last one.

I don't believe that the Bible ever mentions a demon laughing (or the devil doing so), though maybe it does somewhere (I don't recall, and a quick search didn't yield anything).

The notion comes, rather, from horror movies and even comedies (the devil with a long red tail and horns and a face like Vincent Price, etc.) and silly costume party-type cultural myths and fairy tales.

But that's where Maricle and his buddies probably derive most of their theology, anyway, so nothing new there. :-)

infanttheology said...


Hey there. Interesting post. Had a conversation with Rho not long ago about infant baptism....

I know this is not totally on the topic of this post, but since you touched on the issue (via Brigitte), I thought you might be interested in this post I did today:


infanttheology said... the way, I know I still need to get back to the debate with Adomnan....

Dave Armstrong said...

I'll take a look at that, Nathan.

You're capable of making folks wait six-to-eight months for one of your replies. Then when it rains, it pours! LOL