Thursday, May 03, 2012

Logos Bible Software - Catholic Edition Now Includes Ten of Dave Armstrong's Books

[See the "Dave Armstrong Collection" page on the Logos Bible software website]

This is a very exciting development. Dr. Andrew Jones, Director of Catholic Products at Logos Bible Software -- the preeminent searchable, user-friendly, convenient research tool and resource --  invited me to have some of my books included in the Logos Catholic packages and available separately as well. In December I wrote a review of the fabulous, relatively new Logos Catholic library (various forms): "Logos Catholic Bible Software Provides Quick, Searchable Access to the Riches of Scriptural and Traditional Resources".

It's a great honor and privilege to be part of these collections, seeing that:

1) Much of the material consists of classic authors: Doctors of the Church, saints, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Cardinal Newman, Chesterton, great commentaries, etc.

2) Almost all of the rest of the material is from scholars, whereas I am a mere lay apologist (and make no claims to be otherwise).

3) Relatively little apologetics is included at present (though there are so many books I may have missed something). I noticed five titles by Scott Hahn and another by Peter Kreeft. The only other lay apologist I can find so far is G. K. Chesterton.

My works being included means that they will be capable of full integration into the search capabilities. Bethany Olsen from Logos explained to me:

Our products are fully tagged and networked with other books in a user’s library, so the user is able to conduct research with the content in addition to the possibility of reading it from cover to cover.  Logos covers all product development, marketing, customer service, technical support, and sales costs. . . . 

Logos users . . . will wait for a title to be available in Logos, or find a comparable resource that we already have, rather than purchasing print or another digital version of a book. This is because they know the product we create and want the functionality that we add.

Andrew Jones clarified that the books can be bought on their own as well:

[Purchasers] don't need to have a Logos library in order to order these books. The software engine itself is free and comes with all purchases. So, even if these are the only books they own, they will work together and with the Bible and on the mobile devices. Also, highlighting and notes and all those functions will work just fine. 

This is all great news and a blessing in terms of getting the books that I publish on my own (at Lulu) more exposure, promotion and sales potential: all at no cost whatsoever to myself. I even retain full copyright on my books (non-exclusive use by Logos). This furthers, as well, my recent emphasis on electronic media (I am already tied in with Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook Books, and Apple iTunes, as well as all my books being available as PDFs and ePubs on the Lulu website). E-books are definitely the wave of the future.

I don't want to sound cliched, but to me it is a clear instance of God providing for my financial needs as a full-time apologist once again (in light of a recent 42% downward trend in my "officially published" paperback royalties). It happens over and over and I want to give testimony to it and express my thanks to our wonderful Lord for His mercies and gifts. The opportunity was made available out of the blue, at no risk, and I usually walk through any new door that presents itself, if it is commensurate with my work and my goals. 

Here are the ten books of mine that will soon be included and fully integrated into the comprehensive Logos collections of resources (five of them written just since 2010):

Biblical Evidence for the Communion of Saints (2012, 152p) 

Biblical Catholic Eucharistic Theology (2011, 222p)

"The Catholic Mary": Quite Contrary to the Bible? (2010, 193p)

Biblical Catholic Salvation: “Faith Working Through Love” (2010, 187p)

Biblical Catholic Answers for John Calvin (2010, 388p)

Martin Luther: Catholic Critical Analysis and Praise (2008, 264p)

Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison (2004, 232p)

More Biblical Evidence for Catholicism (2002 181p)

Bible Conversations: Catholic-Protestant Dialogues on the Bible, Tradition, and Salvation (2002, 218p)

Development of Catholic Doctrine: Evolution, Revolution, or an Organic Process? (2002, 198p)

Thanks for reading, and for your support and prayers. God bless you!



The Ubiquitous said...

More Biblical Evidence is included, but not, presuming it exists, Biblical Evidence?

Dave Armstrong said...

:-) It was a sort of play on words in a sense, taking off of the name of my website. "More Biblical Defenses of Catholicism" didn't work very well, so I went with "More Biblical Evidence" for my second book.

Dave Armstrong said...

To make it even more confusing, for a short time I had my own book, "Biblical Evidence for Catholicism" but my primary publisher, Sophia Institute Press, wanted to publish it, and they renamed it "Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths."

The Ubiquitous said...

Hey --- which Catholic edition? I'm not a language scholar, so I'm not sure the Bentley edition makes sense for me, but I'd jump at it if included were a set of your books, with the hint of more, possibly, in the future. (The Chevy version doesn't include some features I want, but you've somewhat poo-poohed the Caddy version so I'm proportionately cautious.)

Dave Armstrong said...

Thanks for your interest. I'm not sure about the exact details yet, but I'm told that the page with my books will be up pretty soon, and I'll do a new post or add to this one.

Saba Naaz said...

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