Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Big Book News: 15 E-Pubs for $29.95 / Lowered Paperback Prices / All Titles Available Individually / Redesigned Books Page

Cheap books, yes, but also quality books . . .! I have made a lot of changes in order to sell more books: the ongoing task of every full-time author: especially those, like myself, largely depending on royalties for their income). Here they are (follow the links for more detailed information):

1) 15 e-Pubs and PDFs for $29.95. This is my new e-book package deal (both kinds of files for each title, for a total of 30 book files). It includes my two brand-new (February 2012) books: Classic Catholic Biblical Apologetics: 1525-1925 and Biblical Evidence for the Communion of Saints.  E-Pubs are the coming trend in reading. The reason is that they can be conveniently read on virtually all mobile, hand-held devices, such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Sony Readers, Barnes and Noble Nook, Bookeen, Cybook Opus, Mobi, Kobo E-Reader, Android devices, and Amazon Kindle. More info. about accessibility on the 15-books deal page. The savings in this deal are astounding by any measure: 87% lower cost than all the books purchased as paperbacks ($224.25), a 71% savings on prices of all ePubs ($4.99) and PDFs ($1.99) purchased individually ($104.70), and 60% less than all 15 ePubs bought individually ($74.85). 3671 pages total: a complete Catholic apologetics encyclopedia in your pocket or on your PC!!

2) Standardized E-Book Pricing. All of my Lulu e-books (I own the copyright) have set prices: a remarkably low $4.99 for ePubs and only $1.99 for PDFs. Most ePubs to be found online (Kindle, Nook, etc.) sell for $8.99. My PDFs previously were sold for $3.00 or $5.00. So you save 34% or 60% from my previous prices on PDFs, and 44% from the most common ePub cost. This is permanent pricing, too: not just a temporary sale. It's all designed to make book sales irresistible for lovers of apologetics (hint hint!).

3) All titles available as individual e-books. If you have bought my package deal before, or are interested only in select titles, you can buy new titles individually (and still quite inexpensively) as e-books: either ePubs or PDFs. A few of my "officially" published books are unavailable as e-books as of yet, but I think they likely will be in the not-too-distant future. The lone exception of Biblical Catholic Answers for John Calvin (PDF only: because I had insurmountable difficulties uploading it to Lulu). But it's available as an ePub in my package deal (see #1 above). Most titles can also be bought at Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and the iTunes store, for the same low price of $4.99.

4) Reductions of Paperback Prices Across the Board. The 20 Lulu titles are now all priced at $13.95, $14.95 (the majority), or $15.95 (just a few), depending on numbers of pages. Generally, this is a $2.00 reduction from the previous price; sometimes $3.00 less. I am trying to keep the prices as low as I possibly can, to still make a half-decent royalty, but increase my overall income by volume sales. I'm thinking of you, the consumer (because I am also a book buyer and lover as well as an author, and know how it is). Please reward my rock-bottom prices by purchasing! This is about as low as you'll see any sizable paperbacks sold these days, and my books certainly average well over 200 pages each (in the package deal, the average pages per book are 245). You are getting much more than your money's worth.

5) Easier-to-Use Complete Redesign of My Books Page. This is the "one-stop" page that contains all of my 29 books. I have sought to make it a lot simpler, with larger categories of books, standard size of book cover icons, and comprehensive ordering links for each book. It's all there. Every book cover or title (except for the two Bible and my pamphlet) links to an individual book page that has Tables of Contents, Introductions, large cover photos, and excerpts and other information. Under each book cover is complete instant ordering information (links): for paperback, 15 e-book package deal, ePub, PDF, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook Books, and iTunes: all allowing instant purchase and (excepting paperbacks, of course) immediate downloads.

* * *

Thanks for reading! If you like my work and think it is worthwhile for apologetics and evangelistic and educational purposes, please purchase, so that I will be able to continue this full-time apostolate (book royalties and generous tax-deductible donations constitute my entire income), and please help me advertise more widely (if you feel so inclined), with links. The harvest is ready. As I said at the top: "cheap" books, yes, but also quality books . . . God bless you, and to God be all the glory and praise!

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nannykim said...

Just wanted to let you know I ordered your book "The Catholic Mary" on kindle books. There is something weird about each of the chapters--when you finish a chapter you have a bunch of blank pages before the next chapter. I have never had this happen before with any kindle book. Just thought you might like to know.

Dave Armstrong said...

That's unfortunate. I think it's because in my paperbacks I always start chapters on odd-numbered pages, so sometimes there is a gap.
I was just learning the process then and didn't know that would create spaces in the e-text.

Kindle doesn't remove those spaces when it makes the transfer, whereas Lulu does.

But I guess it's not too bad for the rock-bottom price of $4.99.

Thanks for reading.

If your e-mail is on your profile (if not, send it to me), I'll send you (for free) the Lulu ePub version, which was done really nicely by the company (unknown to me at the time). My e-mail is:

apologistdave [at] gmail [dot] com

nannykim said...

Thanks Dave--no big deal. I was a bit worried that I might be missing something...but then I realized since all of the chapters did it that it was some kind of weird thing going on... I just thought I would let you know.