Monday, November 19, 2012

Most of Dave Armstrong's Lulu Paperbacks are Under $17 (Permanent Discounts) / Rock-Bottom E-Book Prices ($2.99 and $1.99)

[See my New E-Book Site; also my Blog Books Page, with links to all of my books: contents, excerpts, instant purchase info., etc.]

My own ePubs and Mobis, and  are sold for $2.99 and  PDFs for $1.99, at my new booksite (e-books only). I receive almost all of the purchase price (because of no middle man taking part of it). Similar mobile formats (sold at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook Books, and iTunes) are also sold for $2.99. My "official" publishers set their own prices for e-books (usually $9.95 or higher); I have no control over that. Those are also great deals, and competitive prices: seeing that many of those books are bestsellers in their field.

 List prices for my own Lulu paperbacks are $19.95, $20.95, and $21.95, with standard Lulu discounts of 20-30%, depending on number of pages, resulting in very reasonable consumer prices of $13.97, $14.96$15.96, $16.76, and $17.56. I offer you the lowest prices I possibly can. Please reciprocate with a purchase! This is my full-time work, and book royalties are my primary income. 

 All volumes below have individual book pages, with Tables of Contents, Introductions, excerpts, large photos of front and back covers, and sometimes reviews. Click on any written title to access these info-pages.

Only $12.95 (List)

Only $13.97

Only $14.96

 Only $15.96

Only $16.76

Updated on 10 November 2014.



José Miguel Arráiz said...

Hello Dave

First of all excuse my bad English, but I'm from Venezuela and I speak primarily Spanish.

Currently I have almost all your books and recently bought "Biblical Evidence for the Communion of Saints". I have an apologetics website located at

I write because I want to translate and publish, if you let me do it, as an article, one of the chapters in this book (specifically the number 4), and I'm sure will be very useful for my readers.

I also take to congratulate for the excellent work you do. I always advise my friends to buy your books, at least those who speak English.

José Miguel Arráiz

Dave Armstrong said...

Hola José,

Gracias for your kind words.

Your English is just fine.

You have my permission to translate the chapter. Thanks for that work. When you finish, please send me a link and I'll add it to the books page, as an excerpt.

God bless,


José Miguel Arráiz said...

Hello Dave

Thank you for making available to our readers chapter 4 of your book Biblical Evidence for the Communion of Saints.

I've translated and published for both our main website apologetics ( and my blog in Infocatólica and blogger.

The links are:

A PDF version is at:

It would be great if you could publish books in Spanish. The books on apologetics in our language are not many and they are very necessary to the avoid the advance of Protestantism.

Thanks a lot and God bless you

Dave Armstrong said...

Great work; thanks!

If someone wants to translate, I could easily publish them on Lulu. Some arrangement could be set up to share some of the royalties.

I had one person saying he wanted to translate some of my books into Portugese. It is a large potential market for both languages. I'm all for it.

I want to spread the message as far and wide as I can, and can certainly always use more royalties coming in, because mine are greatly reduced lately due to our bad Obama economy.

José Miguel Arráiz said...

Hi Dave, is an excellent idea.

I generally hired a friend who is a professional translator for large jobs that require a lot of accuracy when translating (my English is not exactly the best for this).

After our translator finished the work currently done for us, we ask that provision is to address a new project, and if possible I'll write to see what you think.

It would be helpful to have your email address to contact you by other means other than blog comments.You can contact me any time in my email:

Thanks again and greetings

Dave Armstrong said...

My e-mail is:

apologistdave [at] gmail [dot] com

I wrote it that way to avoid spam. I do have an icon for my e-mail address on the blog sidebar (though no one ever seems to find it :-): it's the icon of an old feather pen.