Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mormonism is Not Christianity / Extensive Epistemological Discussion on the Definition of "Christianity" / The Best Jehovah's Witness and Arian Debaters Today

I'm not scared to say it, but then, I am an apologist, whose job is to say unpopular things, and note that someone or something is in error. We can't say this in public now because it isn't "PC" and is supposedly "bad form." To me it is simply a fact: Mormonism denies the Trinity, which is essential to Christianity; therefore it is not Christian. In Mormonism, man becomes God and God was once a man.

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FYI: Catholic Bishop Urges Interfaith Dialogue During Speech at Mormon Institute of Religion (

desideriusbyt said...

Catholic Bishop John C. Wester urges interfaith love, understanding (