Thursday, June 16, 2011

Most of My Books Are Available at Amazon Kindle (Including Audio Capability). Majority: $2.99

By Dave Armstrong (6-16-11)

All of these are also text-to-voice enabled, so this means that all of these books can now be listened to in a good state-of-the-art computer voice.

You can view all titles at my amazon "Kindle Store," but here they are for your convenience. The written titles go to the amazon Kindle book page for each volume. The "[Info-Page]" brackets go to each title's book page (contents, introductions, excerpts, links for all sorts of purchases, etc.).

Catholic Apologetics Bestsellers (Numerous Topics) [4]

A Biblical Defense of Catholicism (1996 / 2003, 297 pages) $9.95 [Info-Page]

The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants (2004, 235 pages) $9.99 [Info-Page]

The One-Minute Apologist (2007, 143 pages) $9.47 [Info-Page]

Proving the Catholic Faith is Biblical (2015, 288 pages) $9.99 [Info-Page]

Bible Reference Works [4]

Footsteps that Echo Forever: My Holy Land Pilgrimage (2014, 165 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths (2009, 445 pages) $9.95 [Info-Page]

Victorian King James Version of the New Testament: A “Selection” for Lovers of Elizabethan and Victorian Literature (2014, 590 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Revelation! 1001 Bible Answers to Theological Questions (2013, 250 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Church Fathers / Patristics / Patrology [3]


Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and G. K. Chesterton [4]

The Quotable Newman (2012, 415 pages) $9.95 [Info-Page]

The Quotable Newman, Vol. II (2013, 290 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Cardinal Newman: Q & A in Theology, Church History, and Conversion (2015, 367 page) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Sola Scriptura and the Authority of the Catholic Church [5]

Catholic Theology and Apologetics: Various Single Topics [7]

Catholic Conversion and Converts (2013, 237 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Theology of God: Biblical, Chalcedonian Trinitarianism and Christology (2012, 156 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Biblical Evidence for the Communion of Saints (2012, 152 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Biblical Catholic Eucharistic Theology (2011, 222 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

"The Catholic Mary": Quite Contrary to the Bible? (2010, 193 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Biblical Catholic Salvation: “Faith Working Through Love” (2010, 187 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Family Matters: Catholic Theology of the Family (2002, 159 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Catholic Theology and Apologetics: Multiple Topics [2]

More Biblical Evidence for Catholicism (2002, 181 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Biblical Catholic Apologetics: A Collection of Essays (2013, 236 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

History of Christian Theology and Doctrine [4]

Radical Catholic Reactionaries vs. Mainstream Catholic "Traditionalists" [2]

Reflections on Radical Catholic Reactionaries (2002 / rev. 2013, 145 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Protestantism (History and Analysis) [4]

Martin Luther: Catholic Critical Analysis and Praise (2008, 264 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Biblical Catholic Answers for John Calvin (2010, 388 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

A Biblical Critique of Calvinism (2012, 178 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page] 

Protestantism: Critical Reflections of an Ecumenical Catholic (2003, 188 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

 Anti-Catholic Protestantism and Theological Liberalism [2]

Debating James White: Shocking Failures of the "Undefeatable" Anti-Catholic Champion (Nov. 2013, 395p) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Twin Scourges: Thoughts on Anti-Catholicism and Theological Liberalism (2003, 167 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

General Christian Apologetics / Atheists and Agnostics [3] 
[For General Readers; Contain No Distinctively Catholic Material; Theology of God, above, is also of this nature] 

Mere Christian Apologetics (2002, 289 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Christian Worldview vs. Postmodernism (2002, 218 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

Science and Christianity: Close Partners or Mortal Enemies? (2010, 301 pages)  $2.99 [Info-Page]

Music [1]

Beatles, Motown, Beach Boys, Etc.: Classic Rock Discographies, Commentary, and Mono vs. Stereo Analysis (2012, 213 pages) $2.99 [Info-Page]

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Lorelei said...

Wow!! What a deal! Thanks, Mr. Armstrong. I have a Kindle so plan to buy some soon!

Dave Armstrong said...

I try to keep prices low; hopefully that generates sales. It's all market-driven.

Peter Sean Bradley said...

Thanks for that. I just downloaded your book on Orthodoxy to my Kindle.

Dave Armstrong said...


I'll be taking an extended break from the Internet to work on my new book (The Quotable Newman) and do some other things. Just so folks will know why when I don't post for a while . . . thanks for reading and we'll see you later!