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"Surprised by Truth": Interviews on the Radio With Talk Show Host Al Kresta: Audio Collection From Dave Armstrong

[see the Catholic Apologetics Audio Resources Page for the introduction to this series and information about my entire audio output]

"Surprised by Truth": Three Radio Interviews With Al Kresta

[Eight mp3 files (256kbps) / About 90 Minutes Total ]

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This is a collection of radio interviews with my good friend Al Kresta: fellow author (Why Do Catholics Genuflect?, Why Are Catholics So Concerned About Sin?, and Moments of Grace) and well-known, nationally syndicated talk show host. Al used to be my pastor for a time when I was an evangelical Protestant, and we have known each other since 1982. He is a "revert" to the faith, and my story and his were the last two of the first volume of the series, Surprised by Truth (1994). I received permission from Al to sell these.

1) "My Conversion Story"

Al Kresta Show Live / WDEO 990 AM Ann Arbor, MI

(8 September 1997)

Length: 28 minutes [one mp3 file: "Armstrong Conversion (9-8-97)" ]

[see also the transcript of this interview]

This is the most "informal" and conversational version of my conversion story. Other versions have been published in Surprised by Truth (edited by Patrick Madrid, San Diego: Basilica Press, 1994), The Latin Mass magazine, and The Coming Home Journal.

2) "Discussion of My Book: A Biblical Defense of Catholicism, and Further Aspects of My Conversion to Catholicism"

Kresta in the Afternoon / WDEO 990 AM Ann Arbor, MI

(30 April 2002)

Length: 40 minutes total. Five files:

1. 11:54 in length [ "BiblicalDefenseOfCatholicism-1 (4-30-02)" ]
2. 8:14 [ "BiblicalDefenseOfCatholicism-2 (4-30-02)" ]
3. 8:28 [ "BiblicalDefenseOfCatholicism-3 (4-30-02)" ]
4. 11:12 [ "BiblicalDefenseOfCatholicism-4 (4-30-02)" ]
5. 0:48 [ "BiblicalDefenseOfCatholicism-5 (4-30-02)" ]

Al gives some good plugs of my book and we discuss how it came to be written, the methodology employed, and reasons why I converted: particularly the topic of contraception. I also field some telephone calls: including one from an anti-Catholic Protestant, where Al Kresta joined in and vigorously defended the Catholic view.

3) "Discussion of My Book: The Catholic Answer Bible and General Catholic Apologetics"

[this volume has since been expanded as The New Catholic Answer Bible, with co-author Dr. Paul Thigpen, but the original version had only my own apologetics inserts: without my name mentioned anywhere, oddly enough]

Kresta in the Afternoon / WDEO 990 AM Ann Arbor, MI

(2 April 2004)

Length: 22 minutes total. Two files:

1. 10:22 [ "CatholicAnswerBible-1 (4-2-04)" ]
2. 11:00 [ "CatholicAnswerBible-2 (4-2-04)" ]

Several apologetic topics are covered and more enthusiastic plugs of the book are given. Al admits that we are friends (I am the godfather of one of his sons), but says that if he didn't like my books he wouldn't have me on the air talking about them!

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