Saturday, January 02, 2010

Please Pray for Michael Spencer (Cancer)

Michael Spencer, aka "The Internet Monk": an acquaintance of mine and thoughtful theological commentator online for some years now, has been diagnosed with cancer, and it looks to be serious, involving brain surgery. See details as of 12-31-09. Please remember him, his wife Denise, and his entire family at this difficult time. God is a healer; He gives gifts to men in order to heal through technology and knowledge, and we know that prayer is very effective.


TheDen said...


I'm a fellow Catholic who enjoys reading Michael's blog and have been keeping him in my prayers.

I believe the open dialogue on his blog helps give both Catholics and Protestants a better understanding of each other.

It saddens me that he's suffering so and I hope nothing but the best for him as his upcoming surgery nears.

Paul Hoffer said...

I too will keep Mr. Spencer in my prayers!

Sophia's Lover said...

As will I.


Joyful Catholics said...

Dave, I only found out about this a few minutes ago, actually. But as Catholics, I take comfort in the teaching that we can/do pray for 'the dead.' And no pray is uttered in vain. I visited his blog now and then, though not regularly, he was human and genuin and honest. I'm confident he's now in the arms of his Lord...and Mary. Whether in heaven or in purgatory, he is 'safe' and healed now and forever. God rest his soul. I will remember him at Mass. God bless you, too, Dave. - susie