Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Radio Interview Regarding My Book, The Wisdom of Mr. Chesterton

[link to the book page for this volume]

I was interviewed by producer Matt Swaim on The Son Rise Morning Show, hosted on Sacred Heart Radio, out of Cincinnati (740 AM, with this show airing from 6-9 AM Monday through Friday). The interview actually took place on December 3rd, but it was aired on two dates: Thursday, 10 December, from 6:22-6:28 AM, and Tuesday, 15 December, from 7:16-7:22 AM.

You can hear the interview on one of two podcasts that are made for the entire show:

December 10th show (listen from the starting time of 22:40 through to 28:55 on the tape).

December 15th show (listen from 1:16:00 through to 1:22:23).

Unfortunately, both of them (at least when I listened) came through only one channel of my headphone: presumably this is because it is a mono AM broadcast. Nor is the quality of the sound all that great.

But hey, it's free, and listeners may discover once again why it is that I stick almost solely to writing. I thought I did "okay" (as I almost always do, in my opinion of my 15 or so radio appearances and a dozen or so other various small speaking engagements). I had fun, and the questions were great (Matt told me off the air that Chesterton was the primary cause of his own conversion).

In any event, public speaking is not a particularly notable gift of mine; never said it was, and this is why I confine myself mostly to writing, which I take is one of the abilities that God has decided to bless me with, since there appears to occasionally be some good fruit, by God's grace, as a result of my efforts along those lines. Writing and effective public speaking are very, very different things, and few folks are really good at both. They usually are far more talented in one area than the other, precisely because they are so different. As Chesterton himself wrote about his own writing:

Over and above the horrible rubbish-heap of the books I have written, now filling the pulping-machines or waste-paper baskets of the world, there are a vast number of books that I have never written, because a providential diversion interposed to protect the crowd of my fellow-creatures who could endure no more.

(As I Was Saying, London: Methuen & Co., 1936, chapter 1)


I am staring blankly at this sheet of paper and I firmly believe that something more or less intelligible will happen soon.

(The Spice of Life and Other Essays, London: Darwen Finlayson, 1964; “On Fragments” [1906] )

Insofar as I do make these appearances, it is usually in my preferred dialogue format. Thus, an interview is perfectly to my liking, as I am (in both writing and talking) a conversationalist, not a lecturer or a "preacher."

Shortly, I will also be interviewed for the Spirit Morning Show out of Omaha, with Bruce and Kris McGregor. I'll post the details on that as I receive them. If I find out before it is broadcast, when the time will be (I didn't last time), then I'll post live streaming information. If not, then I'll have a link to an mp3 file, such as the ones above. Either way, anyone who wants to can listen for free.

For more of my (free) radio broadcasts, see my Radio Talks Page.


Martin said...

Couldn't find the Open forum as I'm searching from my phone. The biblical point Mr. Taylor mentions is new to me, I thought of sharing it.

Dave Armstrong said...

Open Forum is off the front page, I think. You'd have to scroll back in the archives a bit.

Martin said...

Thanks, again, on my phone, it can be difficult to manuever the page. Brings up a suggestion. I was surprized at the number of people using phones to surf the internet. Having a phone friendly version of your page could increase traffic. I took a stab last night at how one would do that but it would seem you must know something about HTML programming. No help from me.

Dave Armstrong said...

Nothing whatsoever that I do seems to increase (or decrease traffic). it has remained constant at 550-600 hits a day for almost six years now. That's fine with me. I don't concern myself with that. I simply write what I feel led to write at any given time.

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