Monday, October 12, 2009

Ever Get the Uncontrollable Giggles? Weatherman Loses it Over and Over on Live TV / Also, Weather Channel Spontaneous Humor

I know: two funny posts in a row, but hey, my sense of humor and love of fun is part of my personality too. I felt lousy today (bad headaches, etc.) and tried to get my mind off of that by looking at some amusing videos.

This is without a doubt one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I must have watched it at least a dozen times now and laughed just as much each time through it. Apparently (in addition to whatever was going on here) the sports announcer Mark Giangreco -- seen briefly at the end) -- has fun trying to make the weather guy, Jerry Taft (Chicago) crack up during his on-air segment (8-6-09). It's not clear what was so funny, but it doesn't matter. The hilarious thing and clincher is how Taft keeps trying to regain composure over and over but can never quite manage to do it and starts laughing again. We've all been in similar situations and that is the basis of much humor: empathy with the humorous person or situation, and relating to it. A lot of humor flows from the common bond that all people share. What would life be without laughter? I can't imagine it . . .

There is another gut-busting ad-lib comedy and unexpected laughter video from the Weather Channel, involving Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams (from 8-4-09). Apparently it was just a technical mistake that looked like censorship, and so they made the most of it. Extremely funny stuff . . .

Another source of laughter is nerves and the foibles of those who are expected to come through with comical slips of the tongue in a pressure-packed situation. Even nervous brides and grooms during their wedding ceremonies can't always avoid it. This poor guy messed up but had the presence of mind and quickness to come up with a superb play on words. They say that women love men with a sense of humor. This lovely bride had a lively appreciation of her soon-to-be-husband's own brand. Check this out!:



romishgraffiti said...

It's not clear what was so funny, but it doesn't matter.

It was the anchor's silly vamp, "The human body is an amazing thing." Newscasters are always expected to vamp, or fill time with minor observations, and this one struck the weatherguy as rather doofy vamp.

I recall Fox news covering the election and one guy ran out of stuff to say, so said, "Back to you, Brit." and Brit just looked at him funny and said, "What? You couldn't vamp twenty seconds before our break?" and cracked each other up.

Dave Armstrong said...

Yeah, the line was part of it, but it referred to something in the previous segment. They thought the woman had a silly dress or something. I noticed that the cord for the mike went down the front of her dress. That might have been part of what they thought was so funny.