Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kind Review of My Apostolate from the Largest Catholic Bookstore Online (Aquinas and More Catholic Goods)

Ian and Paula Rutherford and their eight children (home-schooled too!)

Mike Davis, product manager for Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, has written a very favorable review of my books and my work. Thanks, Mike! The "More" in the title refers to St. Thomas More. I thought it was just regular old "more." Clever!

I hope you will visit their store and buy lots of books and other items. It is a class operation and clearly a labor of love. I know how much Mike is dedicated to his work, from my correspondence with him.

You can read more about the owner and founder, Ian Rutherford and further details about the store (physically located in Colorado Springs). His wife Paula home-schools their eight children. I rather admire that. My wife Judy home-schools our four, and two are special-needs, so she has her hands full. Kudos to our lovely, hard-working wives. We would never make it without ya (I'm sure Ian would agree with me).

And if you are in Colorado, there is a chance that the store may have some autographed copies of my books in the future . . .


Ian said...

Thanks, Dave!

You are right on about our wives.

Dave Armstrong said...

Amen! :-)