Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Audio Podcasts of Recent Posts Added (Odiogo)

(Image is Linked to Odiogo)

I just added this feature today. Now anyone can listen to my posts instead of reading them, should they wish to do so. Material while exercising or to help put one to sleep . . . theological lullabies!

The computer-generated voice is weird at times, but not bad, and the price was right (free).

Apparently, it works only with recent posts from the RSS feed (24 of the most recent ones, at the moment). So if anyone wants to actually preserve an audio version of a post of mine, act quickly before it is off the "front page."


Martin said...

Here's a good place to go off topic for a moment. I haven't seen "open forums" since the revamp. Is it gone or pending?


And, off, off topic. Your "Choose an identity" below doesn't have an option for "Name/URL" or "Anonymous". Deliberate I assume.

Martin said...

Darn, forgot to check the "email comments" My favorite feature since I do most of my reading on my phone. :)

Dave Armstrong said...

Open Forum wasn't very active, so I decided to keep it off, at least for a while. If I get a lot of requests, I can always bring it back. I would prefer to receive most of the comments under my posts, though.

The identity thing was one of the choices Blogger offered. I wanted to get rid of anonymous, and so chose the next selection. Dunno how to have a "name/URL" too.

Reading on a phone! What a world, huh? LOL We've gone way beyond walkie-talkies and Dick Tracy watches.