Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I Got an "Imprimatur" (Second Time)


The New Catholic Answer Bible is my other work that has an Imprimatur. The latest one is What Catholics Really Believe, which is the written version of the television series with Dr. Ray Guarendi and the late Fr. Kevin Fete. I wrote an answer guide for the DVD, which is now incorporated in the book, edited by Dr. Stanley Williams. The latter observed in his announcement:
The terms "Nihil Obstat" and "Imprimatur" [are] old school...at least the words are, according to a 2004 USCCB guideline. The fancy new phrase used by American bishops is now: "Permission to Publish."
The book image above is small, but if you look real hard, you can see my name above the picture, to the right. The person who actually did the work in order to make it possible gain ecclesiastical approval for the book, was Dr. Robert Fastiggi of Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.


I also wrote an answer guide for Common Ground: an ecumenical video with Fr. John Riccardo and Pastor Steve Andrews. I don't know if my friend Stan has plans for making that into a book. Perhaps so. It would be a good one.

There's a funny story to be had here, too. Some anti-Catholic Protestant bloggers a while back were carping on about how (supposedly) none of my books had an Imprimatur, thus definitively proving (so they were firmly convinced) that I was an unapproved loose cannon at odds with my own Church. I informed them that The New Catholic Answer Bible had one. Without missing a beat, one of them shot back with (paraphrasing), "well, you only have one . . . " So what will they say now?: "well, you only have two . . . "?

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