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If you would like to join my mailing list, please send me your e-mail address. I won't bother you with "begging and pleading letters"; just updates occasionally about what I'm doing: mostly new books of mine that are coming out.

I provide this address mainly so that I am not "inaccessible" -- and I try to read all letters. But I am unable to answer any "apologetics question" letters (and frequently I am unable to answer at all), due to time limitations and other duties. There are only so many hours in a day and so much work a human being can do. If someone has a business proposal or some important factual information to pass along, etc., then I will in all likelihood reply. But I can't spend hours and hours on correspondence, and often, not even minutes (and it adds up quickly, believe me!). 

I do this work full-time, as an apologist and author, and my only income is from book royalties and generous 100% tax-deductible donations. What that means, practically speaking, is that I have to spend most of my time writing new books, in order to maintain an income.

This blog (with nearly 2500 papers) is designed to cover most major questions regarding Catholic apologetics (and a lot of minor ones too). I've also written 31 books for the same purpose. Seek and ye shall almost assuredly find. The thousands of hours for over fifteen years (online) that I have spent producing this material (mostly voluntary free labor) is for the sake of those who want to better understand or more confidently embrace Catholicism, in faith and obedience.

If I don't reply to those sorts of inquiries (which is very likely), it isn't because I don't "care", but because
there is only so much energy to go around. My concern for others is shown, I think, in all the work I have put into my existing writing. I've devoted my life to it. I do also have a family (four children). I trust that e-mail inquirers who are looking for apologetic "answers" will understand this (though a small number of folks never seem to). The answers (at least some kind of answer) to apologetic questions almost always can be found in existing papers of mine (and my site is easy to navigate in several different ways, with just a little practice).

For personal assistance and pastoral questions (apologetic or otherwise), along these lines, I highly recommend
The Coming Home Network (800-664-5110) and Catholic Answers (619-387-7200: San Diego).

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Martin said...

Apologetics questions? Onece in a while your priest knows the answer :)

Dave Armstrong said...

One wold certainly hope so, anyway . . . I've been told that priests learn fairly little apologetics in seminary. Several priests have told me that themselves. So there is a definite place for this specialty, and the laity can lend a helping hand to already very busy priests.

GuyontheStreet said...

You may be interested to know you are being plagiarized by a so called catholic apologist who is actully a fraud, here:


Dave Armstrong said...

Very interesting. Thanks for pointing it out on the thread and exposing it. I appreciate it. Though it probably doesn't directly harm me, it is highly unethical and should, of course, be condemned.
I find it rather bizarre. This person needs our prayers.

Vanessa du Preez said...

Ok so I am looking for answers to what I dont know. Bill Schnoebelen seems to be very anti catholiism and statements made by him are very upsetting. Although I do believe that there are some trueths - I saw my brother who was a seminarian in South Africa run his life into ruins and suicide. Tried a search on your blog regarding him and his opinions and would appreciate your assistance and direction to more information

Dave Armstrong said...

Hi Vanessa,

I never heard of him; sorry. I'm very sorry to hear about your brother.

I would recommend doing a search on Google of his name and "Catholic" to see if there is anything available online. God bless.

Kerry said...

I converted to the Catholic church in 1999. My father is a pastor and just recently asked me a question I had never heard before. He asked me if I can prove, through Scripture that Mary conceived at the Annunciation. He seems to think that Mary conceived at the Visitation, at the moment when John "leaped in the womb." Can you point me toward any of the church fathers or any Scripture that could help me answer that? Thank you so much, Dave, for your ministry.

Maroun said...

Kerry , why dont you also ask your father , why should the blessed virgin Mary conceive at the visitation? The word of God is effective right away , as soon as the blessed virgin Mary said fiat , let it be done to me according to your word , she conceived . I still dont get the meaning of your father`s question?why would she conceive later?and since your father is the one who dosent believe that she conceived at the annunciation , so he should be the one to find us a church father which agree`s with him and not us .But again , i really still dont believe the meaning of his question?She conceived by the Holy Spirit and she is the mother of God and Jesus is God and she is a virgin before,during and after the birth of our Lord .

Dave Armstrong said...

Hi Kerry,

I don't think either scenario can be proven beyond a doubt. In my understanding, it has been understood in all Christian traditions that she conceived at the Annunciation, even though the text may not spell that out explicitly.

Trying to search the fathers for some other scenario would be too time-consuming, I'm afraid. Probably a Google search would be just as efficient.

josephpaul okache said...


Dave Armstrong said...

Anyone is always free to cite anything, without having to ask me. Just make the proper bibliographical reference.