Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Helpful Critique of the Footnotes of the New American Bible (Ben Douglass)

Ben Douglass, an orthodox Catholic of the "traditionalist" variety, has written a meaty critique of the footnotes of the New American Bible. I wouldn't necessarily agree with every jot and tittle of it, upon closer inspection, and it cites Catholic popes and scholarship from nearly exclusively 50 years ago or more (Popes Benedict XVI and John Paul II are never mentioned), but overall, the amount of study and research that he has put into this is highly commendable, and it deserves considerable respect and attention.


Wolf in Calfskin: The Rampant Liberalism of the NAB (+ Part Two)

I have used RSV myself for many years now, and always do in my own books (excepting Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths, which is almost all Scripture, so I used KJV due to copyright restrictions).

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