Wednesday, February 04, 2009

5th Anniversary of This Blog. Please Share Your Opinions


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How fast the time has gone by! Today is exactly five years since this blog (formerly Cor ad cor loquitur) began. It was a continuation of my older website of the same name, which had been online for seven years before that. Thus, I have had a website and/or blog for now a dozen years: completely maintained by myself, with a little help on design.

I located on Internet Archive a scan of this blog from 31 March 2004.

Also, the oldest version of my older website home page ("RAZHOME") that I could find there is from 1 March 2000.

As a bit of a celebration of the five-year anniversary, I've asked my good friend Dan Grajek to design a new logo (the thing at the top) for this blog. He is a professional graphic designer and did the sidebar ad for my 15 books, that I like a lot. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

I'd love to hear feedback comments from any and all of my regular readers here, or even "irregulars". Particularly, I'd like to hear what it is that makes you visit this blog, and especially, what you think is different or unique about it, and/or what you think are its best features. Anyone who comments can receive (as my little "thank you" and token of appreciation) a free Word 2000 copy of any one of my 16 books that are available as e-books. Just drop me an e-mail ( apologistdave [at] gmail [dot] com ) and tell me which one you would like and it's yours.

This blog is for you. I am grateful for each and every one of my readers, and am honored and privileged that you come here at all. Thanks a million. There is no sign that I will stop anytime soon! I'm still full of ideas for future writing and research projects. The next one will be an extensive documentation of Erasmus' (vastly under-appreciated) critique of Martin Luther, and their correspondence to and about each other. Another book will come out soon, too. If all goes well, there may be news in the near future of one or more of my existing (Lulu) books being published by a major Catholic publisher. Onwards and upwards!

I would appreciate your prayers for this work. I rarely mention it anymore, but if you feel so inclined to support this work with a tax-deductible donation, that would be much appreciated. Every little bit helps. I didn't devote myself to this vocation to become rich, and am in no danger of remotely approaching that realm, believe me! Anyone who has followed my apostolate knows, I think, how hard I work. I'm just trying to pay my bills, raise and provide for four children (all being home-schooled by my lovely wife Judy), and do what God called me to do with my life.

Thanks so much for stopping by, from the bottom of my heart. Hats off to all my readers. May God bless you abundantly, beyond your wildest dreams, and to our Lord be all praise and glory and honor for His grace and mercy.

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