Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brief Reflection on How to Stop Legal Childkilling

By Dave Armstrong (11-30-08)

Comments about abortion (both from women) on the CHNI board:

We think we are so "enlightened" in this day and age. And yet, that woman is so blind. As you said, how can she not see that those fingers and toes belonged to a person who surely felt fear and pain in their last moments of life? We are blind AND insane.

It is absolutely unfathomable how deceived people can be.

It's precisely because abortion is absolutely insane and irrational and diabolical, that neither science nor philosophy nor reason nor fact nor moral argument (nor photos) have much effect on those who promote the murder.

It has to be stopped by either:
1) Force of Law (some major ruling or law), that in a generation starts to become respectable as a moral guideline, as true law should be.

[not likely in the near future, esp. now with Obama and the Supreme Court possibly lost to the pro-life cause for 10-20 years, after we were right on the verge of a pro-life majority for the first time since 1973. Thanks very much, all you Christian Obama voters!]

2) Spiritual Revival, including personal conversion and transformation and Christians actually having lots of children again, like we used to.

[God determines that in His Providence]

3) Outreach and love shown to women who have also been the victims of abortion.

[we're doing pretty good here, with CPCs, etc.]

4) Appeal to self-interest (health and emotional aftermath factors).

[increasingly being utilized as a pro-life approach to reduce abortions]

#1 and #4 work in a secular context (though #1 would cause a huge uproar in the short term); #2 and #3 are more spiritual and take longer to have a full effect. But it is a combination of all these things, rather than rational argumentation of any sort (which clearly has been ineffective, because we have all the superior arguments), that will make a difference in the long run.

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