Friday, October 10, 2008

Voter Guides: Catholic, Pro-Life, and General Educational Information on Candidates and Issues

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Catholic Voting

Here's a selection of general materials helping Catholics to vote in an informed Catholic manner. Catholic Answers offers a free voting guide. See also the EWTN Voter Guide. Patrick Madrid and Envoy Magazine offer the same.

Pro-Life Voting

Pat Madrid also offers a free ten-minute non-partisan video talk on the pro-life issue. Priests for Life has made available helpful voting materials. See also National Right to Life's Political Action 
Committee web page. Canon915.Org (endorsed by the Catholic organization, American Life League) makes a close analysis of (mostly Democrat) pro-abort politicians' records.

General "Non-Partisan" Guides

For information and facts about candidates and their voting records, and proposals, see League of Women Voters, or, or Project Vote Smart, or Voter Information Services.
Disclaimer: I didn't check these four latter sites out to see if there was any bias or not, so use your discretion. But they seem to mainly offer the candidates' positions and voting records.

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