Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vote Today! Forum Referendum on Anti-Catholic "Comic Entertainment" Posts

Express your opinion now and experience the joys of democracy!

I decided some weeks ago that I was through trying (and that is the word, believe me) to dialogue with and debate anti-Catholics. That is a done deal. I'm not wondering about that at all. The experience of the Great Luther Quote Debate and being turned down seven times by anti-Catholics, who refused to discuss the foundational, crucial issue of the definition of "Christian" in a live chat, were the straws that broke the camel's back in that regard. There's no hope. I shake the dust off my feet (with utter disgust) and leave these folks to their own devices and follies and imbecilities.

But I still put up an occasional "comedy" post dealing with the anti-Catholics. My readers seem to have rather mixed feelings about this. I could go either way. The purpose of those "funny" posts was to entertain you in the first place. If the majority of you don't like them, however, then obviously, there is little purpose for such posts, and I'll stop putting them up. It's very important to me to know what my readers prefer, and what helps them to be more confident, faithful Catholics or to understand the Catholic faith (and its vociferous opponents) better.

I'm here to serve you. That is what my vocation is about. Apologetics is (or should be) about helping people, not tearing others down. We have to refute error, but it's never for its own sake; it is in the service of the true and the good, and following Our Lord. It's ultimately a "positive" thing.

So please "vote" and let me know if you'd prefer me to stop posting funny, satirical pieces on the anti-Catholics or to continue doing so. I'm quite happy to abide by your wishes. I have no strong opinion, either way, myself. For a little background, I wrote in the combox of the previous post:
I already decided to stop trying to rationally argue with these folks. All I did was a short little humorous post. As we see, even that causes a huge storm of controversy, because these people have no sense of humor and they don't even grasp the humor when it is about them. So perhaps that doesn't work, either.

I sure get a lot of comments, though, with these topics, don't I? If people were that much offended by "bickering," then why do they comment so much about it whenever the subject of anti-Catholicism comes up?

I think what I'll do is take a vote of my readers. The posts on anti-Catholics are very popular (comments-wise), yet there are also vociferous objections to them. So I'll be democratic about this (as I always like to be anyway). I'll ask my readers to express their opinion. If they don't like even the very brief humorous posts on anti-Catholics, then I won't do them, anymore, and I will ABSOLUTELY ignore anti-Catholics.
I'm very curious, too, how this will come out. Whatever I decide, I want it to be a huge consensus; not 51% or something. If 49% of my readers are dead opposed to satirical pieces on anti-Catholics, then that is highly significant, and I ought to avoid offending them, even if they are in the minority.

Let me hear from ya!

A "YES" vote means (roughly, substantially): "keep doing the funny anti-Catholic stuff occasionally. I'm not offended by them at all and find it humorous and entertaining (and educational). We all need a good laugh now and then. I want to be aware of what the bitterest enemies of the faith are writing about, and how wrong and absurd they so often are. Sometimes we need to laugh to keep from crying."

"NO" means (roughly, substantially): "I find these posts offensive and unedifying and I think you damage yourself and what you are trying to accomplish in your apostolate by continuing to do this. Ignore these people utterly. Turn the other cheek. Don't lower yourself even to humorous forays. Take a higher road. You've written enough about anti-Catholics -- you've done your 'apologetic duty' -- and in my opinion you shouldn't even do brief humorous posts about them anymore."

All you need to do is post "YES" or "NO" if you'd prefer not to comment. That's fine. I want as many votes as possible. You can do that, or if you'd like to put in your $00.02 while voting, I am very curious as to your opinions, and covet them. I've stated my opinion on why I have done these posts in lengthy explanations recently and need not do it again.

Thanks, and as always, I thank each and every one of you and I greatly appreciate your interest in my writing. I don't express this enough, but rest assured that it is how I feel, and I am deeply touched by your interest in my apostolate (even if you don't agree with me, or partially disagree). May God bless you!

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