Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fun Night Out With Friends (Dr. Ray Guarendi, Dr. Stan Williams)

Pam Williams, [office manager Deb] & Darrin Davis, Dave Armstrong, Dr. Ray Guarendi, Judy Armstrong, and Dr. Stan Williams: 9 April 2008

Last night, my wife Judy and I attended one of the always delightfully funny and insightful talks by Dr. Ray Guarendi: noted Catholic talk show host, psychologist, and expert on family and child-rearing issues (also, sometimes apologist). I am on the staff of Nineveh's Crossing, run by filmmaker Dr. Stan Williams, as apologetic advisor.

Nineveh's Crossing is the distributor of Dr. Ray's DVD's. I authored (with some editing additions by Stan and Pam) the study guide for the DVD / EWTN series What Catholics Really Believe. We had great fellowship afterwards at a cool restaurant (as we heard periodic cell phone reports about our six-year-old daughter possibly about to throw up -- alas, she never did, though).

Just missed getting my new, stylish glasses in the picture: I go pick them up tomorrow. Maybe we'll do some more "official portrait" pictures soon, with my new suit and hat too!

The inimitable part stand-up comedian, part "Catholic James Dobson" Dr. Ray, delivering a talk to a predominantly "estrogen-American" audience (his term!) about "how to be a good parent"

Here's the better half 'n' I at the Nineveh's Crossing 2007 Christmas staff party, too

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