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Books by Dave Armstrong: Martin Luther: Catholic Critical Analysis and Praise

[completed on 17 April 2008; published by Lulu on the same day]

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Dedication (p. 3)

Introduction (p. 5) [available online]


1. Was Martin Luther a “Revolutionary” Who Had Many Fundamental Disagreements With the Catholic Church? (p. 11)

2. Martin Luther’s Extraordinary (and Arbitrary) Claims Regarding His Own Authority (p. 39)

3. Martin Luther and the Canon of Holy Scripture (p. 47)

4. Luther and Salvation Theology: “Getting to a Gracious God” and the “Snow-Covered Dunghill” (p. 63)

5. Soul Sleep and Luther’s Rejection of Purgatory (p. 105)

6. The Extent of Luther’s Blame Regarding the Tragedy of the Peasants’ Revolt (1525-1526) (p. 117)

7. Martin Luther’s Religious Intolerance and Ironic Espousal of Capital Punishment For Heresy (p. 161)


8. Sacraments: Baptismal Regeneration, Real Presence in the Eucharist, Adoration, Absolution, Confirmation, Anointing (p. 175)
Excerpts available online:

Martin Luther On the Sacrament of Absolution (and Private Confession)

Martin Luther's Opinion of (the Catholic Sacrament of) Confirmation
9. Mary: the Blessed Virgin and Mother of God (p. 207)

10. Other Catholic “Remnants”: Good Works and Sanctification, Authoritative Church Tradition, Crucifixes, Images, Etc. (p. 231)
Excerpts available online:

Martin Luther on Sanctification and the Absolute Necessity of Good Works as the Proof of Authentic Faith

Martin Luther on Crucifixes, Images and Statues of Saints, and the Sign of the Cross
Bibliography of Sources (p. 259)

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See also:

Review by Fr. Peter Stravinskas, in The Catholic Response (Vol. V, No. 4, pp. 31-32)

My Luther Book Blasted For Being Far Too Kind and Charitable to Luther / Pre-Vatican II Popes' Use of the Description "Separated Brethren"

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