Monday, February 18, 2008

Radio Interview: 15 February 2008 / The Extreme Honor of Having Bishop White "Reply" For 45 Minutes!!! / Is James White an "Intellectual Coward"?

The interview was on Spirit Morning Show, with Bruce and Kris McGregor (Spirit Catholic Radio, from Omaha), and was devoted to my book, The One-Minute Apologist:

"Catholic Radio for the Christian community"
88.9FM - Omaha 103.1FM - Schuyler 98.3FM - Norfolk

I gave a very brief account of my conversion story and discussed the parts of the book having to do with salvation. The interview is archived and can be listened to by anyone for free. More interviews about the book are planned as well, on the same station.

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Be sure to catch Bishop James White's mocking, ridiculous "commentary" on this very interview, on his Dividing Line webcast (2-19-08). It's quite entertaining. I'll give White that much. He even features (Rush Limbaugh-like) a portion of a Three Dog Night song. Guess which one?! Oh, and then (filled with ingenious satirical ideas) White plays a Billy Joel song that starts with "h". Just think of an accusation that anti-Catholics almost always make against Catholics (that I do not reciprocate). Whew . . . The good bishop ended his "rebuttal" with a flourish:
I'm certain that I will see, within the next two days, a long blog article about how terrible and horrible and everything else that I am . . .
Sorry to disappoint you, Your Eminence, and to wreck your prophetic prowess, but I just ain't interested anymore in dealing with fools and intellectual cowards who consistently refuse to defend their positions when challenged in writing again and again. This is strictly humorous stuff, no more, and so I am glad to post it for my readers to listen to if they're in the mood for a good laugh. We all need comic diversion now and then.

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