Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Turretinfan's" Utterly Ridiculous Rationale For Refusing to do a Chat Debate is Laid Bare on The Supplement Blog

Talk about circular reasoning and arguing in a circle . . .

Don't miss Reginald de Piperno's very insightful, hard-hitting analysis. It exposes the intellectual bankruptcy of fundamentalist anti-Catholicism that is behind the mindset that could produce such a pathetic display of special pleading.

The Anonymous One himself is already providing high entertainment in his comments over there:
I've repeatedly pointed out that I did not reject Dave's challenge.

Why you (and he) are so insistent on saying I did, baffles me.

Dave never intended to debate, as is evident from his own comments.

Asking Dave to take the Roman Catholic position is hardly an "absurd" or unfair request.

[ . . . ]
Incidentally, if you use "mocking" to describe the response, what word would you use to describe the challenge?

Man oh man . . . bring on the Twilight Zone music . . .

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