Friday, January 11, 2008

Protestant Critiques of Joel Osteen's False Teachings

I found a pretty good critique of Osteen on a major Protestant blog (Challies). And another from "The Internet Monk": Michael Spencer.

Further critiques:

The Leaven of Lakewood (Rev. Robert S. Liichow)

Osteen's Ignorance (Rev. Robert S. Liichow)

Apprising Joel Osteen's Word-Faith Teachings (Ken Silva)

Joel Osteen: Smile When You Lie (Ken Silva)

Preaching a False-Positive With a Smile (Mike Oppenheimer)

Outing Joel Osteen: A Challenge to the Evangelical Blogosphere (Michael Spencer)

Joel Osteen: Your Best Life Now (audio sermon by Baptist Jeff Riddle)

The Gnosticizing Joel Osteen (Denny Burk)

For a biblical critique of the general school of thought that Osteen is part of ("Word of Faith" / "Prosperity" / "Name it Claim it", etc.), see my 1982 paper (written when I was a Protestant):

Biblical Refutation of "Hyperfaith" / "Name-it-Claim it" Teaching: Is it Always God's Will to Heal in Every Instance?

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