Thursday, December 20, 2007

Resources For Refuting the (Minority) Protestant "Rapture" End-Times Scenario

See the following articles (Carl Olson be da man!):

Five Myths About the Rapture
(Carl E. Olson)
Lahaying the Rapture on Thick
(Carl E. Olson)

Recycled Rapture
(Carl E. Olson)
No Rapture for Rome: The Anti-Catholics behind the Best-selling Left Behind Books (Carl E. Olson)
The Rapture (Catholic Answers)
The Second Coming (John Salza)
Daniel, Revelation, and the Rapture Myth (Deacon Paul Carlson)

Questioning the "Left Behind" Rapture
(David M. Bristow)
Endtimes, Millennium, Rapture (Colin B. Donovan, STL)


Mervin Bunter said...

Some of your links seem to be broken. I'll put some new ones here as I find them: Five Myths About the Rapture

Mervin Bunter said...

I spoke too soon when I said, "Some". There was only one broken link. Yay!

Dave Armstrong said...

Thanks, much. I'll change that link.