Friday, December 07, 2007

Jews, Judaism, and the Old Testament (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


Development of Doctrine: Judaism to Christianity

Alleged Old Testament Textual Contradictions and Ethical Difficulties


Postscript to Dialogue With Agnostic Ed Babinski on the Psalms, Etc.: Ed's Attempt to Enlist an Ancient Near East Scholar in Support Backfires (Dr. James Roger Black vs. Ed Babinski; compiled and additional commentary by Dave Armstrong)

Old Testament: General



Pope Pius XII and the Nazi Holocaust / Persecution of Jews / Anti-Semitism



Hitler's Pope? (Donald Devine)

Blaming the Wartime Pope (Kenneth Woodward)

The Tragic Heroism of Pope Pius XII (George W. Rutler)

Nazi Policy and the Catholic Church (Karol Jozef Gajewski)

Pope Pius XII and the Jews (Margherita Marchione)

Pope Pius XI [not Pius XII] and the Nazis (Jimmy Akin)

Was Hitler a Christian? (Answers in Action)

Israel and the Palestinians

Discussion on Israeli-Gaza Strip Conflict of July 2014 [Facebook, 23 July 2014]

Dialogue on Israeli-Palestianian Relations [with Alex Brittain, Facebook, 18 March 2015]

Yasser Arafat: The Terrorist Who Won the Nobel Peace Prize [Links Page]

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