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Jews, Judaism, and the Old Testament (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)

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Development of Doctrine: Judaism to Christianity

Alleged Old Testament Textual Contradictions and Ethical Difficulties


Postscript to Dialogue With Agnostic Ed Babinski on the Psalms, Etc.: Ed's Attempt to Enlist an Ancient Near East Scholar in Support Backfires (Dr. James Roger Black vs. Ed Babinski; compiled and additional commentary by Dave Armstrong)

Old Testament: General



Pope Pius XII and the Nazi Holocaust / Persecution of Jews / Anti-Semitism



Hitler's Pope? (Donald Devine)

Blaming the Wartime Pope (Kenneth Woodward)

The Tragic Heroism of Pope Pius XII (George W. Rutler)

Nazi Policy and the Catholic Church (Karol Jozef Gajewski)

Pope Pius XII and the Jews (Margherita Marchione)

Pope Pius XI [not Pius XII] and the Nazis (Jimmy Akin)

Was Hitler a Christian? (Answers in Action)

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Sophia's Lover said...

Hi, Dave, this is Pito.

I was just wondering whether Catholics are permitted to believe that God gave Moses an Oral as well as a Written Torah on the Mountain, as Orthodox Jews believe, however corrupt some of the Pharisees may have been or made the Law?


Dave Armstrong said...

Sure. I have used the argument myself, as an analogy to Tradition, over against written Scripture.

The Pharisaical tradition was the mainstream of Judaism in Christ's time. Jesus followed it, so did Paul (he called himself one twice, after his conversion).

And the Pharisees believed in oral tradition, originally given to Moses, and developed over time. It was the Sadducees who denied this. They were the liberals and "sola Scripturists" of that time.

Sophia's Lover said...

Hello, Dave,

As a follow-up to my first question on the Oral Torah, I'd like to add that it seems to me that Catholics may believe that the Talmudim, Midrashim, Aggadot and most major Jewish Law codes accurately record it. The trouble I have with this is reconciling this with the question of where the Jews went wrong, why we should believe they did, and your thoughts on why God would allow that to happen, as this geneeral Christian claim appears analogous to me to the anti-Catholic argument that the Church became corrupt at an arbitrary point in history.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Dave Armstrong said...

Thanks for the question. I've responded at length in a new post:

Is the Anti-Catholic Myth of Total Catholic Apostasy Analogous to the Jewish-Christian Parting of Ways in the First Century?

Sophia's Lover said...

Anyone, I'd appreciate some help regarding online links about the New Testament's relationship to rabbinic teachings if you could, please?


Jordan Friedman said...

This is an impressive collection of articles that demonstrates significant understanding of and respect for Judaism coming from an orthodox, non-"liberal" Roman Catholic context. Yet, from reading the rest of this website, it would appear that the author, like any other similarly orthodox Catholic, nevertheless expects that any Jew who takes their Faith to the grave will suffer a horrific eschatological fate, regardless of their sincere worship of the One True God, and regardless of their having lived a virtuous life. This is consistent with historic RC teaching, but I wonder how the author deals with this tension? It surely must be felt to be an uncomfortable fact, even if it's one which "must" be believed in.

Dave Armstrong said...

Thanks for your articulate comment. I appreciate your first sentence very much. That is what I strive to do.

Please refresh my memory: where did I say that "any" believing Jews would go to hell? I don't remember asserting any such thing. Could you direct me to remarks that led you to believe that "it would appear" that I hold this?

I'm sure I have said that anyone who truly understands Catholicism, "knows" it to be the truth, and rejects it, is in distinct danger of hellfire, but that is an entirely different proposition.

In other papers I have argued that it is possible for an atheist to possibly be saved.

Therefore, I'm curious where you got this impression.