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 All book titles (save the two Bibles and pamphlet) have individual book pages, with Tables of Contents, Introductions, excerpts, large photos of front and back covers, and sometimes reviews. Click on any book icon or written title to access these info-pages. 


 List prices for my own Lulu paperbacks are $19.95, $20.95, and $21.95, with standard Lulu discounts of 20-30%, depending on number of pages, resulting in very reasonable consumer prices of $13.97, $14.96$15.96, $16.76, and $17.56. I offer you the lowest prices I possibly can. Please reciprocate with a purchase! This is my full-time work, and book royalties are my primary income.

ePub $4.99 Mobi 
All of my own ePubs and Mobi's are sold for the bargain price of $4.99 if you purchase them at my new booksite, and PDFs are priced at $1.99. My "official" publishers set their own prices for e-books (usually $9.95 or higher); I have no control over that. But on my own site, you save 44-50% compared to the standard publisher list prices of e-books.


 ePub files are able to be read on virtually all mobile, hand-held devices, such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Sony Readers, Barnes and Noble Nook, Bookeen, Cybook Opus, Mobi, Kobo E-Reader, Android devices, and Amazon Kindle (with an easy file conversion). Some of my ePubs are DRM-protected, however, and it is generally thought that only non-protected ePubs can be read on Kindle. But there is a way (at least on Kindle Fire), to read DRM-protected ePubs, too (link two / link three). In any event, all of my PDFs can be read on Kindle, for sure.

 Amazon Kindle books can be read on other devices, with the aid of various apps. You may have to install the free program Adobe Digital Editions.  The free Bluefire Reader app allows one to read DRM ePubs on iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Androids (see detailed guide / guide #2). Several of my titles are sold at iTunes (listed below). See a more general guide for mobile e-book reading. Firefox users can get the EPUB Reader Add-on. The Epubor and e-Book Converter sites are very helpful. See also additional instructions for Sophia Institute Press e-Books: compatible with Kindle, Nook, etc.

Mobi files can be read on Amazon Kindle Fire devices, as can ePubs. See an article with more information on that.

Be sure to patronize your local Catholic bookstores as well.  I am deeply grateful to all such bookstores that carry my books and those that recommend them. I urge you to visit your local store, and buy a lot of books (not just mine!).

Apologetics Bestsellers (Numerous Topics)

The New Catholic Answer Bible (co-author, Dr. Paul Thigpen, March 2011, 2008 pages with additional apologetics inserts; Revised NAB version) [PAPERBACK-Amazon]
The New Catholic Answer Bible (co-author, Dr. Paul Thigpen, April 2005, 2008 pages with additional apologetics inserts; NAB version) [PAPERBACK-Amazon]

The Catholic Answer Bible (Sep. 2002, 1394 pages with additional apologetics inserts: my contribution) 

[PAPERBACK - Fireside / Amazon]

Church Fathers / Patristics / Patrology

Sola Scriptura and the Authority of the Catholic Church

[PAPERBACK: List: $20.95 / 30% Lulu Discount: $13.97]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99
[KINDLE: 6.99] [NOOK: 6.99] [iTUNES: 6.99]

100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura (Nov. 2011 / 10 May 2012, 135p) 


[PAPERBACK: List: $21.95 / 20% Lulu Discount: $17.56]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99
[KINDLE: 6.99] [NOOK: 6.99] [iTUNES: 6.99

[PAPERBACK: List: $19.95 / 30% Lulu Discount: $13.97]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99
[KINDLE: 6.99] [NOOK: 6.99] [iTUNES: 6.99]

 Catholic Theology and Apologetics: Various Single Topics

[PAPERBACK: List: $20.95: 20% Lulu Discount: $16.76]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99
[KINDLE: 6.99] [NOOK: 6.99] [iTUNES: 6.99]

[PAPERBACK: List: $19.95: 30% Lulu Discount: $13.97]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99
[KINDLE: 6.99] [NOOK: 6.99] [iTUNES: 6.99]

[PAPERBACK: List: $19.95 / 25% Lulu Discount: $14.96]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99

[PAPERBACK: List: $19.95 / 25% Lulu Discount: $14.96]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99

 Catholic Theology and Apologetics: Multiple Topics

[PAPERBACK: List: $19.95 / 25% Lulu Discount: $14.96]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99

Radical Catholic Reactionaries vs. Mainstream Catholic "Traditionalists"

[PAPERBACK: List: $19.95 / 20% Lulu Discount: $15.96
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99
[KINDLE: 6.99] [NOOK: 6.99] [iTUNES: 6.99]

Protestantism  (History and Analysis)

[PAPERBACK: List: $21.95 / 20% Lulu Discount: $17.56]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99]

[PAPERBACK: List: $19.95 / 25% Lulu Discount: $14.96]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99
[KINDLE: 6.99] [NOOK: 6.99] [iTUNES: 6.99]
Anti-Catholic Protestantism and Theological Liberalism

[PAPERBACK: List: $21.95 / 20% Lulu Discount: $17.56]
[ePUB 4.99] [MOBI 4.99] [PDF 1.99
[KINDLE: 6.99]

General Christian Apologetics / Atheists and Agnostics 

[For General Readers; Contain No Distinctively Catholic Material; Theology of God, above, is also of this nature, as is The Quotable Wesley]


Thank you very much for your purchases and for reading. Please visit again and spread the word (thanks, if so!). God bless you.

Updated on 17 April 2014.

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David said...

I just read your "The Catholic Verses" and liked it a great deal. I wanted to buy more of your books but they have the appearance of being very similar -- that is, they could all be titled "A Biblical Defense of Catholicism." It was going to cost me a couple of hours to research the content of all your books, to figure out in what manner they possibly overlap one another, and to then decide which ones I wanted to buy. But then I stumbled across your offer to download all 16 of your published works for only $25. Needless to say, I jumped on that with both feet and purchased the downloads. I especially like that you include the Word .doc format of your books because I can convert them to the format used by my PDA e-book reader. What a great deal! Thanks so much!

Dave Armstrong said...

You're welcome. Thanks for your kind words, and for reading.

I try to overlap in my books as little as possible, but sometimes when treating the same topics it is impossible to totally do that. Each work has a somewhat different purpose.

Shaukat said...

Greetings of Peace in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

It is really privileged for me to write to your ministry and I pray may
Lord bless you abundantly. I found that you have awesome and precious
work of Lord Jesus Christ, May God bless your Church staff and all
precious work.

I have studied your web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to
get right to the True Word of God. I found that all your material is
full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith.

I am Iram, from Multan , Pakistan . Living in Pakistan we
Christians have to face many obstacles to get the access to the Word of
God. Most of the people in Pakistan are not capable to understand the
English language and they are hungry of the Gods words. So I will be
very thankful to you if you can to translate your material into my
native languages.

For this I am able to translate the good stuff of you into my native
language Punjabi, Sariki, Sindhi and national language Urdu. There are two
purposes to request you the first one is to know the Word of God more
deeply and second one is to be supportive my family. My suggestion for
you is to create your material in my language of Urdu, Sariki, Sindhi and
Punjabi also. It will bring lots of blessings of the Word of God for the
Pakistani and Indian Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi and Sariki speaking people.

For that purpose I as a translator will bring your material into Urdu,
Punjabi, Sindhi and Sariki language as well. Although it will take your low
expenses, as well as fund for the Word of God, to reach out to the
deserving people. As a translator I will take the expenses that will be
spending just for the Word.

May God Shower his blessings upon you and your ministrys work.

Looking forward for your kind response,

Yours Sister in Christ,


Vlastimil Vohánka said...

Hi, Dave,

In 2006, I bought a set of your 11 e-books:
1. Biblical defense,
2. More biblical evidence,
3. Anti-Catholicism,
4. Bible conversations,
5. Catholic Theology of Family,
6. Development,
7. Christian worldview,
8. Mere Christian apologetics,
9. Orthodoxy,
10. Protestantism,
11. Traditionalism.

Now I'd like to buy the other 7 books:
12. One-minute apologist,
13. Catholic verses,
14. 501 biblical arguments,
15. Martin Luther,
16. Church Fathers.

Could you offer these remaing texts to your loyal readers in some nice pack?

Can we expect the remaining works by you in e-form?:
17. New Catholic answer Bible.
18. Top ten questions,
19. Bible proofs,
20. Wisdom of Chesterton.



Dave Armstrong said...

Hi Vlastimil,

#12-16 are in the offer as it stands now: 16 for $25. I'll sell them to you for an additional $10 if you like (you can send it through PayPal).

I keep making the deal better, to try to create more sales. Shortly I will be adding three brand-new books to it and taking out three of the relatively unimportant ones. It's my next "project."

The NCA Bible and Top Ten Questions are currently bestsellers, so it isn't likely that they will be offered for free. I need to make a little money once in a while. :-) I can't give everything away.

The last two were just recently published in paperback, so for the same reason, they wouldn't be available. The One-Minute Apologist is quite recent enough (2007), as it is.

Pascal said...


Having made bad experiences with paypal, I`d nevertheless really appreciate to buy your books (The 16-pack). Is there a way like paying with visa or by giving an international banc account number (I am frome Europe).
Thank you so much for your work!


Dave Armstrong said...

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your interest in my books.

You could send money from a credit card ($25 USD) to my associate, John Martignoni, following the instructions I have here:

Then I would have to manually send all of the e-books to your e-mail address, if it can receive that large of a collection of files.

Toby said...

Is there anywhere I can purchase these ebooks seperately? I can't find seem to find one minute apologist by itself anywhere...


Dave Armstrong said...

Hi Toby,

All my books that are published with Lulu are available separately as PDFs. But my four books with Sophia Institute Press (like this one) are available as e-books only in the package deal.

Sorry! The prices are so low for e-books as it is, that I have to make some profit, and I do that by the package deals.

Carlos said...

Hi Dave,

I updated your profile and added several of your books (mainly the ones published by Lulu) to, which is like the IMDB of books! Hoping this will give a bit more exposure to some of your latest books!

I hope this is OK with you? I've included the link to your author page below.



Dave Armstrong said...

Hi Carlos,

Yes, that is extremely helpful and kind of you to do. If you drop me an e-mail, I'll send you any three of my e-books (your choice) as a little "thank you." Hope you and yours enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving.

Carlos said...

Dave, that's a very generous offer, thank you! :)

I couldn't find your e-mail address, so I'm just replying here. I'd love to read the following three books.

1. Martin Luther
2. John Calvin
3. Orthodoxy & Catholicism

Will you be emailing me the e-books? As I'd like to ask you something.

My e-mail address is

God bless!


Dave Armstrong said...

You got 'em. E-mail address is on the sidebar under my profile; click on the feather pen icon.

Kjetil Kringlebotten said...

Are they DRM-free? Can I read them on my kindle?

Dave Armstrong said...

Dunno what "DRM" is. I believe they can be read on Kindle, but I'm not exactly sure. have you tried to read either a PDF file or MS Word / doc file on Kindle before?

dan rogy said...

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Christopher said...

Hello Dave,
I really enjoy your writing style and I want to thank you for making your books so accessible online through PDF and e-book formats.

I'm currently reading Development of Catholic Doctrine and I think I may have found a typographical error, and wanted to check with you. In chapter 6, on page 56, in the 2nd paragraph, the text reads “Now -- following Justin's analogy -- it is not reasonable to assume that Mary was sinless…,” I'm fairly certain the text should read “it is not unreasonable to assume…” am I correct?

I have recently been given the awesome responsibility of becoming a mentor to one of the new catechumens in the RCIA at my parish. Your books and website have been an incredibly valuable resource, so thank you very much.
God bless you,

Dave Armstrong said...

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your very kind words, and for reading my materials.

It was indeed a typo. I appreciate you catching that. I've corrected my own Word copy but it may be a while before getting around to correcting the PDF, etc.

Best wishes for your mentoring duties and may God be especially with you as you share and defend His message.

God bless!


Dave Armstrong said...


Lucy Malsawmtluangi said...

Hi Dave,
My father is a member of Bishop of Aizawl, Literature comittee in Mizoram, a small state in NE of India with majority of Christianity are protestants.
He had read "One minute apologist" and really impressed and is planning to reference in some of his writings in the local dialect, Mizo. We would be very grateful if you could give us the permission.
My father like it old-style so he is looking forward for more hard-copy of your books in India. Do you think you can send hard-copy of your books to India?


Dave Armstrong said...

Dear Lucy,

Thanks for your comment. Anyone can cite my work with proper bibliographical credit given. No problem there.

As for paperback copies of my books n India, you would have to contact my publisher, Sophia Institute Press.

God bless,


fors201 said...

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I didn't receive their money. :)

apdfconverter said...

Thanks for such an epic list. I've bookmarked most of the resources you recommend in this post as I am a zealot fan of eBook and Kindle.

Just a tiny advice, one of the websites you recommend is out of date, the eBook conversion site (
It hasn't release any new product or new version of exixted product for nearly one year.
Now I always go to another eBook conversion site called (Epubor), and one of their converter can directly handle DRMed books, very handy.
I didn't receive their money. :)

Dave Armstrong said...


Mario laurente said...

Hi Mr.Dave can i ask you?? I would like to buy your books, but what is the bible version did you used??

Dave Armstrong said...

Always RSV, except for "Bible Proofs" which was KJV.

Shuham Charles said...
Hi Dave here is the link to Table-Talks where does it mention about Jesus committing adultery

Dave Armstrong said...