Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Best Wife in the World (23rd Anniversary)

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October 6th, 1984: my wedding day, was 72 degrees and sunny: a perfect fall day. Today in metro Detroit it is already sunny and supposed to be 86 (!!).

I thank God for my lovely wife Judy. I've been exceptionally blessed in having her as my life's companion, and with our four children (now 16, 14, 10, and 5 [my one daughter] ). I'm a very happy man. I worry about money a lot (apologetics not being a lucrative profession, nor one that people often think to financially support, even though they say they have benefited from efforts of apologists), but other than that life is fantastic.

Our daughter at age 3 (November 2004). She's now almost 6

Three years ago (also a glorious sunny day, as I recorded), I wrote a piece about Judy, entitled "It was twenty years ago today . . . " (High Praise for my Wife Judy on our 20th Anniversary) / Reflections on Marriage and Courtship.

For today, here is a photograph that I don't believe I've ever had on my site. It's from December 1991. At that time I was 33 years old (so was Judy) and had been a Catholic for a year and two months. I had already started writing a few of the papers that would eventually be part of my book, A Biblical Defense of Catholicism. Our first child in the picture was eight months old.
It was a very happy time (among lots of happy times all through our marriage; any comparisons of this period and that are only a matter of degree of happiness). We were finally parents, and "new Catholics."

Third son, early 1997

Judy doesn't look much different today (I swear!). She looks fantastic for almost 49 and after four children (and putting up with me all these years). Her inner beauty surpasses her considerable outward beauty, and that is what is most important. The wisest and best decision I ever made was to devote my life to serving Jesus as His committed disciple (1977, and renewed and deepened in 1980 and in 1990 when I became a Catholic). The second was, without question, marrying Judy.

I would strongly advise and urge any young people seeking a mate to take their time and make sure it is the right person (with God's aid through much prayer and willingness to follow His direction). Above all, choose someone who loves God and wants to live for Him. That was the biggest factor that made me fall in love with Judy (we had been friends for a year and a half previous to that). It'll make a world of difference in your life. Nothing can match that joy of worshiping God together, side by side, in spirit and in truth. The support of a like-minded spouse in spiritual matters is invaluable and priceless.

1st two sons (5 1/2 and 3 1/2) with newborn third, November 1996. The one on the right is now 6-1 and the oldest almost that tall!

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