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Anti-Catholic "Turretinfan" Joins His Cronies in Exhibiting "Anti" Language Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Will this theme ever end among anti-Catholics? Almost invariably, they will object in strenuous terms about Catholic use of the term anti-Catholic (meaning, one who denies that Catholicism is Christian), as if it were the most unethical, outrageous, inaccurate, and unfair thing in the history of the world. Then they'll turn around and use "anti" terms themselves for outlooks that they don't care for. This anonymous Calvinist blogmaster is the latest in a long noble line of such behavior (The Right Reverend Bishop "Dr." James White being the most notorious example):

Notice that Steve Ray has taken the "label 'anti-Catholic' rather than debate sensibly" page from Dave Armstrong's book.

[that's right. I have posted probably more written debates with anti-Catholics than any Catholic alive, but that is ignored in order to make this idiotic statement]

May we all be labelled and despised by those who hate the truth, but May God be praised whose servants we are, for whose sake we endure these things, To God be the Glory!

( 9-24-07 )

. . . [Dave's] habit of labeling [sic] people as "Anti-Catholics.". . . Now, I may be overlooking some additional places, but it looks like the short list of non-anti-Catholic opponents of Dave is ever-shrinking. . . . as of 9/24 Dave had labelled some of the present author's writings (which have nothing to do with Catholicism per se, as "anti-Catholic" apparently because Dave does not like them.

. . . Dave relies on (a) assertions that he cannot back up and (b) calling his critics names like "Anti-Catholic" (one of Dave's favorites).

( 9-21-07 )

[The ludicrous thing here is that he makes this observation, yet I don't classify Kevin Johnson -- mentioned in the same post as "evidence" -- as an anti-Catholic]

And here are Turretinfan's own frequent uses of the "anti" language, despite his vociferous condemnation when others use the completely acceptable term anti-Catholic, that has a long history in scholarly circles:

Centuri0n's post may be taken as representing support of the anti-KJV position more than anything else. . . . a role that many anti-KJV advocates tend to overlook.

( 9-4-07 )

For the moment I want to seize upon one of the more sinister and devious approaches that have been made by those who oppose the plain truth of Scripture.

Specifically, some portion of the anti-YEC [young earth creationism] movement has been spreading lies regarding the age of YEC, claiming that YEC is a 20th century phenomenon.

( 7-30-07 )

[Turretinfan, like Steve Hays, is a young-earth creationist. From the same post:
A plain reading of the Old Testament and the Gospels makes it clear that the world was created supernaturally by God in the space of a week, and more particularly, in six days each consisting of an evening and morning. This event took place less than 10,000 years ago, which we can calculate more or less accurately from geneologies provided, for example, in Genesis 5 and the gospels.

Frankly speaking, there is no reason for anyone who excludes outside information from the Bible to arrive at any other conclusion. The Bible, on its face, is clear. God created the world, he did so in six days, and rested on the seventh day. In celebration of this fact, we observe the week.

Nevertheless, from time to time, weak Christians are tempted to believe the testimony of scientists (and their acolytes) who claim that they have unshakable evidence (some may even claim "proof") that the earth is older than 10,000 years. These Christians, led astray by the lies, deceit, or simply errors of the "science crowd" believe the testimony of the crowd. ]
One notorious anti-Calvinist poster named "FreeGrace" has challeged [sic] not that God prohibits sin, but has suggested that God does not require perfect obedience.

( 7-10-07 )

In a post earlier today, Centuri0n responds to an argument that believers-only baptism is reflective of an anti-soveriegntist [sic] mindset.

( 7-2-07 )

[D]espite the claims of many anti-Reformed apologists, Sola Scriptura is, in fact, a doctrine of Scripture.

( 6-22-07 )

. . . anti-Christian philosophers . . .

( 6-8-07 )

If any of you, gentle readers, are anti-Calvinists considering whether to read Hodge, this criticism by one of his enemies should encourage you to do so.

( 4-22-07 )

. . . many of the anti-Calvinist authors that I have quoted . . .

( 4-12-07 )

Anti-Calvinist Emir Caner Question Answered [title of post]

. . . typical Anti-Calvinist question . . .

To which the Anti-Calvinist will then exuberently [sic] (and mistakenly) respond:

And then the Anti-Calvinist will say . . .

. . . it has become so routine in anti-Calvinist churches . . .

( 3-29-07 )

Challenge to Anti-Calvinists: Author of Sin / Author of Salvation [title of post]

[used three more times in the article]

( 3-26-07 )

. . . a typical anti-Calvinist view of grace. Note that I do not mean to suggest that the people involved are themselves all anti-Calvinists.

An anti-Calvinist mindset . . .

( 3-23-07 )

Is the Deity of the Anti-Calvinist a Failure? [sub-title of post]

The typical Anti-Calvinist's answer would be "yes" if the Anti-Calvinist will give a straight answer. More often then not, the Anti-Calvinist will hem and haw, . . . After all, if we Calvinists agreed with the Anti-Calvinists regarding the sense of those passages, we wouldn't be having this discussion. [all from one paragraph]

The typical Anti-Calvinist's answer would be "no" if the Anti-Calvinist will give a straight answer. If an Anti-Calvinist answers questions one and two with "yes" and "no" respectively, then the conclusion logically follows. . . . both Calvinists and anti-Calvinists can (and sometimes are) unduly swayed by emotions. If so, what the Bible says should make the anti-Calvinist question whether his understanding of the Bible is correct. If the anti-Calvinist believes this, and the Anti-Calvinist believe that God does "want" in that sense to "do" the act of saving each and every person, then the result is universalism, not Arminianism or Huntism. In a non-universalist anti-Calvinist world-view, . . .

( 3-22-07 )

One Anti-Calvinist poster recently commented . . . So, the Anti-Calvinist's statement is technically correct . . .

( 3-13-07 )

One of the most popularly abused texts by the Anti-Calvinists . . .

[twice more in the article]

( 3-10-07 )

A Challenge to Anti-Calvinists . . . [title of post]

( 3-5-07 )

Pastor Modene, an Anti-Calvinist pastor if there ever was one . . .

( 2-28-07 )

Providence is under attack from anti-Calvinists, and Creation is under attack from Evolutionists.

( 2-26-07 )

Turretinfan goes absolutely nuts in a series of older posts, where he uses the term anti-Calvinist repetitively:

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