Thursday, September 27, 2007

Al Kresta on The Journey Home on October 1st. Don't Miss It!

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I wanted to advertise a bit for the upcoming Journey Home show (October 1st), because I think Al's story of returning to the Catholic Church is one of the best and most interesting, thought-provoking ones that I have seen. He gave a lengthy version of it in my own home, at my discussion group, that I later transcribed.

I consider Al to be the best talk show host I have ever heard in my life, bar none. You can hear his show, Kresta in the Afternoon, over the Internet, if you don't have a Catholic radio station in your area. He is also the author of the books Why Do Catholics Genuflect? and Why Are Catholics So Concerned About Sin?

I've been friends with Al for 25 years (I've known Steve Ray almost as long also). He was also my pastor for a time in the late 1980s (incidentally, the pastor at this independent, "Jesus Freak" sort of church who was there before Al -- in 1980 when I first started attending -- has also returned to the Catholic Church).

Al and I were in pro-life rescues together in the late 80s and we did street evangelism at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. He has been a great influence in my Christian life. Al's conversion story is also the last one in Surprised by Truth. Mine was second to last. I always got a kick out of the last two being from Michiganders.

I've been on his radio show three times. Those appearances are available to hear for free:


2002 ( Parts one / two / three / four)

2004 (Parts one / two)

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