Thursday, July 12, 2007

James White: Anti-Intellectual? (Double Standards in "Anti" Language Yet Again!) + His Latest Hit Piece & Continued Refusal to Do a Chat Room Debate

James White interacting with so-called "anti-Calvinist" George Bryson

Once again, White has profoundly contradicted himself by his ridiculous double standards in this matter of his objection to the term anti-Catholicism, while he continues to use (dozens of times) various equivalents, from his perspective (anti-Reformed, anti-Calvinist, etc.). Here is his latest statement [ link ]:
Of course, I reject the label "anti-Catholic," and would invite Mr. Patton to reconsider his use of pejoratives in this fashion. I am a Reformed Baptist apologist, and my response to Rome, whatever else he may think of it, is perfectly and completely consistent not only with the historical position of Reformed Baptists and our confession of faith, but it is consistent with the Reformed Baptist position on preaching and the church as well. I understand why Roman Catholics seek to label those who oppose their over-arching claims to authority in the terms of their own faith. It is the same reason Mormons label others "anti-Mormon," JW's refer to "active opposers," and why the term "Islamophobia" has become popular as well. But I am no more anti-Catholic than Benedict XVI is anti-Baptist: what the Pope said in this recent document is perfectly consistent with Roman Catholic ecclesiology, and hence, to define his position in terms such as "anti-Baptist" is absurd, just as it is absurd to call me an anti-Catholic.
Why, then, does he keep using these terms himself? I've already documented this three times in the past:

James White's Use of "Anti" Terms & More "Tired" Rhetoric and Anti-Catholic Terminological and Ethical Double Standards

James White Outdoes All With His "Anti" Language

James White's Continued Comical Double Standard on "Anti" Language
And (for no extra charge) here are a few more instances (i.e., since my three papers above) of same:

But please note, I am not blaming anti-Baptists for it. (9-29-06)

Took calls mainly on the Caner situation and likewise looked a little bit at the Jerry Vines sermon at First Baptist Woodstock, a sermon that will definitely give us a lengthy series of Radio Free Geneva programs. However, it looks like there is only one template out there for anti-Calvinism sermons, . . . (10-12-06)

George Bryson's anti-Calvinism talk to Calvary Chapel pastors . . . (12-14-06)

George Bryson and his anti-Calvinist materials . . . (12-22-06)
Speaking of the absurd and comical, White has posted yet another of his hyper-ridiculous hit pieces against me on his blog. I will refrain from providing it the dignity of a response this time. He's gotten enough attention that he doesn't deserve. If he goes after one of my papers or books and makes an actual argument (I know it's tough, but he's capable of rational argumentation if he puts his mind to it), I'll respond -- and he will in turn almost certainly ignore that, as is his standard, yawningly predictable practice.

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