Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Informed Brother" Kevin Johnson is Laughing "His Head Off" Over The One-Minute Apologist

I should have seen this coming, but I admit it caught me by surprise. I get blasted all the time for writing lengthy posts and supposedly saying nothing in them, or being a sophist, etc. ad nauseum. Now, "Reformed Catholic" Kevin Johnson goes to the other extreme and blasts me for writing a book with two-page entries. The underlying assumptions Kevin must have in order to reduce a book (likely not read at all) to a laughingstock are so absurd that I need not even delve into those in order to shoot them down. A few moments' reflection will disabuse anyone of such foolish notions.

So what am I supposed to do? Perhaps I should take a survey of all the intelligent, serious, wise Christians out there like Kevin Johnson, so that I can get the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for word length? I'll just send out a thousand or so surveys and average them out and then stick religiously to how many words the average turns out to be? Don't wanna have too many or too few words!!! But if I check with Kevin first, then maybe I can produce yet another bestselling book that (as an extra bonus) won't have people laughing their heads off from the east to the west.

Ironically, the book wasn't even my idea in the first place. Like my last one, The Catholic Verses, the origination of the concept for the book was entirely from my publisher, Sophia Institute Press. Anyway, here is Kevin's ultra-charitable "review" of my book (and you thought James White's hit piece "review" lacked substance?), complete with an accompanying Avril Lavigne video that is supposed to have some relation to what I do:
When I see things on the Internet by Roman Catholic Internet apologists like the “One Minute Apologist”–what can an informed brother do other than just laugh his head off? I mean, really.
I continue to draw from pop culture to illustrate the absurdity of such an approach–as if this would ever convince anyone who is familiar with the relevant issues let alone handle the issues in question with any sort of respect for other opinions or even the truth of the matter. When you’ve got someone in your face demanding that their way is the better way, that your current church is fraught with all sorts of problems, and that their church is the only answer to all your problems–’think you need a new one’? No, just play this Avril Lavigne song/video for them. It’s the same song, different verse.
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The last thing we need is rabid apologists for any point of view. While my initial critique was leveled at certain Roman Catholic “Internet apologists”–it could just as easily be leveled at other partisan groups with similar goals (including Protestants and other non-Catholics)–out to convert the already converted.

The sort of (Roman) Catholic I learn from is one that participates in the broader wisdom of the Church over the ages in the Western world. The sort that doesn’t have to argue people into anything because the very gravitas of their view and life is centered in the wisdom that the Church has provided her children over the centuries through a strong Western and Christocentric view of all things.
Since Kevin wants to play games with videos, I thought I would provide a little something to think about, too: Bob Dylan reciting his poem in honor of Woody Guthrie (from around 1963):

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