Sunday, June 10, 2007

Anti-Catholic Sage Shares the Gospel Truth With a Bunch of Dumb, Clueless Catholics

Being unregenerate and totally depraved, and lost in idolatry, superstition, paganism and Pelagianism, of course Catholics can't grasp a single thing that a Bible-based, born again, real Protestant Christian would share with us . . . or, this is about as much cogent content one can expect to get from certain biblically-challenged fundamentalist Protestants. This guy even tries to take out the Golden Calf, but the Catholics would have none of that!

This is from the Beatles' movie Magical Mystery Tour (1967), which is dreadfully boring and inane except for this scene and a few of the "early music video" scenes. The actor is Victor Spinetti, who was also in A Hard Day's Night, as the producer figure. Enjoy!

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