Monday, April 30, 2007

"Protestants have a special duty to condemn anti-Catholic bigotry" -- Says Chuck Colson

The prominent Protestant social activist Chuck Colson has spoken out against recent bigotry against Catholicism, in relation to the Supreme Court decision to ban partial-birth infanticide.
Imagine the reaction if a cartoonist had suggested this of other religious groups—if they had portrayed justices wearing yarmulkes or holding the Koran. . . . Our Catholic brethren should not have to wait to hear our voices forcefully raised against the bigotry now directed against them . . . We also call on groups that present themselves as the enemies of prejudice to join us as well . . . Are they selective opponents of prejudice? Do they regard anti-Catholicism as an acceptable form of bigotry? . . . All forms of bigotry are vile and must be exposed for what they are: attacks on the very character of a civil society. Apologies are called for.
See his article: "The New Anti-Catholic Bigotry", and the excellent links provided at the end of that piece; also a similar article by Colson: "The Last Acceptable Prejudice".

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