Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nine of My Manuscripts to be Published Soon / E-Books Spruced-Up and Proofread Again

I'm at work busily preparing my nine books as yet unpublished (all the e-books I offer, except for in-print titles A Biblical Defense of Catholicism and More Biblical Evidence for Catholicism) for Lulu. Chad Toney, who has been on this blog, is doing the art work for the covers. I made suggestions for all of them and actually selected the photographs (or paintings or engravings in two cases) to be used, for seven of them (I also came up with the idea on the More Biblical Evidence cover).

This will make a total of 14 books in print, after the process is complete (takes about a month, I think), and my new book, The One-Minute Apologist finally sees the light of day (the latest rumor has that happening in May). is really cool, because they take you step-by-step through the whole publishing process, and it is either free or $100 for an ISBN and ability to post on amazon and other such venues (which is crucial, I think, to get decent sales). They also pay royalties every month via PayPal, which is wonderful in my situation as a full-time apologist trying to eke out a living and support a family of six.

I proofread all the books again and caught many mistakes. So they have been improved for sale as e-books too. I created new PDF files from the revised word files (using this easy free tool). I am still offering the 11-for-$15 deal (Word via e-mail) or $20 for both Word and PDF on a CD sent to your house. Please consider a purchase, to help support this apostolate. I mentioned in a letter today that I receive about $1.70 for each paperback sale, but $15 or $20 for e-book sales, which are pure (or almost total) profit for me, or nine / twelve times the amount of a paperback sale.

I hope you'll consider purchasing the new paperbacks, too, when they come out. I plan on putting out many more in the future, if it is this simple. I'll wait a year and probably put out two more next spring, and the year after that, etc. I can't really lose. All I have to do is make up the $100 and then it is all profit to me, for no additional work. It's great if the book sells. Mine do (about as well as could be expected), but the catch is that the Catholic apologetics market is so tiny that in real numbers a bestseller doesn't add up to very many copies sold or royalties in pocket.

Oh well. I never entered this profession to be rich or popular. But it is nice to be able to pay one's bills and have a little extra breathing room. I hope that those of you who like my writing and find it edifying and beneficial to your spiritual life will seriously consider purchasing more books of mine, and of course I always appreciate generous donations, too. I don't "beg" but I have no problem occasionally making the need known, and I think anyone can readily see how hard I work at what I do.

Thanks, as always, for reading. I appreciate all of you very much. The work I do is for you.

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