Saturday, April 14, 2007

Don Imus (Under Fire For Racist Remarks) is Also an Anti-Catholic and Anti-Protestant

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Has Don Imus been fired yet? I just found out by accident that there was a controversy surrounding him. He called female basketball players from Rutgers University, "nappy headed hos." But meanwhile, anti-evangelical Protestant and anti-Catholic prejudice remains perfectly acceptable fare.

I saw some anti-Catholic material when I found this Imus stuff that is so unbelievably vulgar that I wouldn't even make a link to it, let alone cite it. It's not fit for any audience at all, let alone a Christian one. Compared to what I saw there, the Imus comments are tame, but nevertheless still symptomatic of a serious problem of anti-Christian bigotry. According to a recent article by the Illinois Family Institute, here is some of his on-air banter:
However, as I watch this controversy unfold, I wonder where the outrage is when Imus frequently mocks Catholics, Christians and just about everyone who might be in the news that day.

One of Imus' bits features a fictional Catholic priest who rails against American culture. The fictional Catholic clergyman speaks with a heavy Irish brogue as he hurls insults towards public figures. After each outlandish statement, Imus' in-studio flunkies chime in with a Catholic-mocking chorus of, "Lord hear our prayer." Calling the routine an affront to the Catholic faith would be a gross understatement. Yet the routine is a weekly feature on the program.

The show also targets Evangelical Christians by having an individual imitate Jerry Falwell who launches into a diatribe of social commentary meant to portray fundamentalist Christians as hate-mongers and culturally-insensitive boobs. These and similar routines are a regular feature of "Imus in the Morning" where surrogate fictional characters are allowed to say things real guests could not get away with. But when it comes to the maligning of Christians, it's easy to see the mainstream media lends a deaf ear.

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