Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Two Portraits: March 2007

I finally got around (on 8 March 2007) to getting some new photographs of meself taken specifically for the blog: the first new ones since 2000. My wife Judy is very good at this. I joked with her that she didn't have very good "material" to work with, but to try to do her best. :-) I played around with the gamma, brightness, and contrast settings in my Microsoft photo editor (I love good contrast and vivid colors in photos).

I was 48 years old when this picture was taken; 6 feet tall, about 195 lbs., give or take a few. I had just cut my hair the night before (I always do it myself) and shaved off many weeks' worth of beard. I have a lot more grey in my hair than it looks. For some reason it gets washed out of the photos. That's okay, but I don't really mind grey at all.

Mouse-click both photographs and much larger (but still pretty sharp) versions will come up on the screen.

At my desk / office, upstairs in our house: where all the "millions" of words I produce originate. I decided to "serious" shots since pretty much all the past uploaded pictures were
"smileys". I think people should do both, because human beings have a serious face most of the time, and pictures should reflect that, too. I believe Judy set up the slight head tilt. The eyes are blue, underneath my photo-grey glasses (still a bit dark from the bright sunlight of the outside shots).

This was taken about 10 in the morning on a bright sunny day in the little park at the end of our block, with the sun shining right on me. I've always loved bare trees in photos, and a nice blue sky in the background: makes for a picturesque "prop" in a portrait, too. These are also the first photos, to my knowledge, of myself in my black leather jacket that I love. I never had one in my life till I bought this in 2003 (got a great deal). Never too late to be cool! It's the eternally fashionable "casual look": black leather and blue jeans.

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