Thursday, February 15, 2007

James White On the Side of the Angels: Decimating Debate Opponent's Absurd Pro-Homosexuality "Exegesis" of Romans 1

This five-minute video portion of a debate is a classic example of how self-professed Christian apologists for homosexuality absolutely butcher biblical exegesis. James White (Reformed Baptist) was debating Rev. Barry Lynn (Executive Director, Americans United For Separation of Church & State; see his sterling liberal credentials) of the United Church of Christ, on the topic, "Is Homosexuality Compatible With Biblical Christianity".

They were discussing Romans 1, and I think anyone can readily see whose opinions made more sense, and whose were desperate, miserable gobbledygook. In fact, it was so bad, White reported that Lynn "tried to suppress [the debate], threatening legal action if we distributed the tapes." I can see why. Good going, James! I made my own argument from Romans 1, in my paper:

St. Paul's Argument From Nature Against Homosexuality (Romans 1)

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