Monday, January 22, 2007

Hang Your Head in Shame and Weep: Photographs of Fetal Development & the Butchery of Abortion

. . . that we commit such ghastly barbarities in our country, in the name of "freedom" and "choice".

From a Priests for Life web page:
The following images were presented to Fr. Frank Pavone, at the time he was working at the Vatican, by a team of experts from Poland. The experts presented them also to Pope John Paul II.
Priests for Life is grateful to Professor Andrzej Skawina (Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University, Krakow) and Dr. Antoni Marsinek, MD (Czerwiakowski Gynecological and Obstetrics Hospital, Krakow) for making these images available, and to the Zrodlo Foundation, Wychowawca Department, for the permission to use them.
We encourage pro-life groups and individuals to use these images, keeping in mind the words that pollster Harrison Hickman spoke to the 1989 conference of the National Abortion Rights Action League,

Nothing has been as damaging to our cause as the advances in technology which have allowed pictures of the developing fetus, because people now talk about that fetus in much different terms than they did fifteen years ago. They talk about it as a human being, which is not something that I have an easy answer how to cure.

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8 weeks from conception (a vast number of abortions occur at 8-12 weeks:
the last third of the first trimester)

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Four months (16-17 weeks) from conception

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Five months (20-21 weeks) from conception

Abortion photos below from another Priests for Life web page. They are extremely
gruesome and almost unbearable to look at. Be forewarned. Don't view them on a full stomach.

Aborted 7 weeks old preborn child (suction method). Aborted at Northwest General Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Buried by Citizens for a Pro-life Society at Holy Cross Cemetery, Milwaukee Wisconsin.


Aborted 8 weeks old preborn child


Aborted 10 weeks old preborn child

Aborted 12 weeks old preborn child, by suction

Another productive, profitable day's work in one of our hallowed nation's legal abortuaries


Unknown age, but it's all legal in the US, all the way to nine months.


Aborted 24 weeks old preborn child; still within the biologically arbitrary "second trimester."

Aborted 5 month old preborn child

Aborted 5 month old preborn child, by D and E method, 1987.

Aborted 5 month girl and 6 month boy: murdered in the 1980's at
Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.
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Aborted 2nd trimester preborn child.
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Two more precious children murdered in the 2nd trimester.

The Partial Birth Abortion Procedure
(legally performed in the US, up to nine months)

Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby's leg with forceps.
The baby's leg is pulled out into the birth canal.
The abortionist delivers the baby's entire body, except for the head.
The abortionist jams scissors into the baby's skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the hole...

The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child's brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed.

Now, what are you going to do to stop this butchery? Will you keep voting for people who want to maintain this practice and keep it legal? Will you (if you favor abortion) pretend that a preborn child is not a human being? Will you argue that freedom and "choice" are more important than the right to life of these children? If you have seen these photographs, the excuse of ignorance will not do any longer. You know this is wrong. You know what is right.

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