Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kraftwerk - Numbers / Computer World - Live 1981

I saw these guys in concert in the same year in a small nightclub in Detroit, and the set looked just like this. My youngest son (9) and I went to their concert again this year. He says it is the most fun he ever had, and he runs up the stairs whenever I play Kraftwerk.

For musical history buffs, it is interesting to note that on Wikipedia it gave as perhaps the earliest song with a hip hop type beat and use of metallic / electronic-sounding syncopation, their song, "Trans-Europe Express," from 1977. I was already listening to them then, so I guess I was 10-15 years before my time, anticipating what was to come in music.

These two songs are from their 1981 album "Computer World" and "Numbers" especially also has the funky electronic beat that we hear everywhere now.

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