Thursday, November 09, 2006

War and Peace (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)

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churchstate times said...

Dave Armstrong said: When dealing with monsters like the Nazis or Communists, such a response is utterly inadequate and would only exacerbate the problem. When a Nazi SS agent comes in your house to take your child away (or a Jewish friend you are hiding ....

Pastor Dietrich Bonhoffer, a minister of the anti-Nazi Protestant Confessing Church was executed by the Gestapo in 1945. There is a well-known Christian book compiled from his 'Letters and Papers from Prison', which is recommended reading for an account of how one Protestant responded to the tyranny of the Nazi state. Just thought I'd mention him.

Dave Armstrong: a guy with a doctorate.

You must've worked very hard. I have a Masters in a totally unrelated field, but not a PhD yet. Sorry if I butted in here. I can't seem to find the original posts about 'Christian Pacifism and Just war' on this page anymore. Au Revoir.

Dave Armstrong said...

I don't have a doctorate (why would you think I did?). I have a BA in sociology and general liberal arts.

My original paper on the topic is listed above and the link works for me.

Bonhoeffer is one of my great heroes . . . I have all his books.

churchstate times said...

Dave Armstrong said: The individual and his conscience is different from the state and the power of the sword given to it .... Isn't freedom of speech and expression wonderful?

Absolutely, and is protected under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, along with freedom of association, etc. This is very much in agreement with Protestant ideas of freedom of conscience and religious liberty, for which the likes of Bonhoffer, William Tyndale and others were willing to die for down through the centuries.

Dieu seul est le Seigneur de la conscience qu'il a laissée libre par rapport aux doctrines et commandements des hommes qui, en matière de foi et de culte, sont, en quoi que ce soit, contraires ou ajoutées à sa Parole. Ainsi, croire de telles doctrines ou obéir à de tels commandements par motif de conscience, c'est trahir la vraie liberté de conscience; et exiger une foi implicite et une obéissance absolue et aveugle, c'est détruire la liberté de conscience ainsi que la raison.(Extrait sur nos Croyances)

Dave Armstrong: I don't have a doctorate (why would you think I did?)

Sorry, I must've confused. Still, you've obviously done a lot of writing and research, etc. Anyway, I better leave off for now, but wish you good luck with your forum. Au revoir.