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Trinitarianism and Christology (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)

Christology / Jesus Christ

Limitations of Christ's Knowledge? Some Proposed, Supposed Exegetical "Difficulties" Examined [now available only in my book, The Theology of God, ch. 5]

Biblical Evidence Against Monothelitism (the Heresy of Denying That Jesus Had Both a Human Will and a Divine Will) [now available only in my book, The Theology of God, ch. 7]

Trinitarianism / The Holy Trinity

Theology Proper (Theology of God) / God's Attributes and Nature

Is God in Time? (vs. John W. Loftus)

Foreknowledge and Omniscience Do Not Require Determinism Or Elimination of Human Free Will  (Alvin Plantinga)

Is William Lane Craig a Heretic? [yes, on three counts: denial that Jesus has two wills  (monothelitism), denial of God's being outside of time (also of His immutability), and of Jesus being eternally begotten of the Father; Facebook, 9-7-13 / Further Facebook discussion, from 30 January 2014] 

Thoughts on a Perfect God Who Creates an Imperfect World [Facebook]

Reflections on the Doctrine of Divine Simplicity and Church Authority to Determine the Parameters of Orthodoxy 

On the Alleged Contradictions of 2 Samuel 24, and 1 Chronicles 21 and 27 (vs. atheist "DagoodS")

Did God Harden Pharaoh's Heart? (Does God Positively Ordain Evil?) (vs. atheist "DagoodS")

Exodus 20:5: God's "Punishing" or "Visiting" Descendants "to the Third and Fourth Generation": Proof of an "Unjust" God or Biblical "Contradiction"?

The Catholic Dogmas of God's Immutability and Transcendence of Time

God's Immutability, Omniscience, Timelessness, and Impassibility / Anthropomorphism / Can God "Change His Mind"? Does God Have "Emotions"?

Church Fathers on the Immutability, Simplicity, Atemporality, and Impassibility of God

Biblical Evidence for Anthropopathism and God Condescending to Human Limitations of Understanding
[now available only in my book, The Theology of God, ch. 11]

Can God Change His Mind?: Dialogue With Bob Sungenis on God's Immutability, Omniscience, Atemporality, Simplicity, and Impassibility (Divine Emotions?)

Robert Sungenis' "Changeable God": More Documentation of His Erroneous Views (God Changing His Mind, Having Emotions, Being Bound to Time)

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