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Radical Catholic Reactionaries vs. Catholic Traditionalism (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


St. Joseph's Church, Detroit, Michigan: my liturgically and architecturally traditional parish
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I highly urge more mainstream "traditionalists" who read any of the papers listed below, to first read my paper:  Definitions: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, Mainstream "Traditionalists," and Supposed "Neo-Catholics" (Chapter One of my book, Mass Movements: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, the New Mass, and Ecumenism), and also my Introduction to this book. This will preclude needless misunderstandings regarding exactly what I am against, and what I agree with. I am not "against" mainstream "traditionalism." Thanks! I wrote in my Chapter One, linked above:

I have much in common with "traditionalists". I admire several things about them: . . . I am usually in agreement with "traditionalists" and consider myself a close ally to them. We disagree on some things, but this is far less than the agreement and unity that is present.. . . I don't share all of their particular concerns or analyses. Nevertheless, I feel quite close to them, and a strong kinship or affinity.
Also, for a very helpful, thoughtful treatment of the general topic, written by my friend David Palm, the self-described "reluctant traditionalist," see his essay, What is Traditional Catholicism? I don't agree with absolutely everything he writes, but I think this is a good aid for drawing the necessary distinctions that are so crucial in discussing these matters.

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Legitimate Catholic "Traditionalism"

Am I a "Traditionalist"? (Well, You Decide) [25 March 2013]

"Doctrinal Minimalism" and the Critiques of Catholic "Traditionalists" [9 Nov. 2009]

Dietrich von Hildebrand and Legitimate Catholic "Traditionalism" [27 Feb. 2002] 

Ruminations on "Traditionalism" (Especially Ongoing Conciliatory Efforts Between "Traditionalists" and Other Orthodox Catholics) [20 Sep. 2013] 

Comment on Catholics Who Have to Understand  Every Last Aspect of the Faith, or Else They are Troubled (Or in Crisis) [Facebook, 28 Dec. 2013]

Traditionalist Social Critic Kevin Tierney's Seeming Love-Hate Relationship with Catholic Apologetics [22 June 2014; see also Facebook discussion]

Radical Catholic Reactionaries

Pensées on Radical Catholic Reactionaries [7 Jan. 2012] 

Why Write Against Radical Catholic Reactionaries? [Facebook, 19 Aug. 2013]

Reply to (Posited) "Taditionalist" or (More Likely) Radical Catholic Reactionary Critiques of Two of My Book Titles [Facebook, 4 May 2014]

Do "Right" and "Left" Properly Apply by Analogy to an Ecclesiastical Spectrum as Well as to Political Analysis? [Facebook, 24 Aug. 2013]   

My Approach to Radical Catholic Reactionaries; How (in My Opinion) to Effectively Rescue Them from Their Bondage [Facebook, 26 March 2014; a "jeremiad"; not a warm fuzzy paper . . .]

Critique of my Syllabus of 60 RadCathR Errors and My Counter-Reply (vs. Mark Cameron) [24 Nov. 2000] 

Why Those Who Publicly Attack Bishops Are Wrong (Fr. Angelo Geiger, Mary Victrix, 31 March 2014) 

Dialogue on the Radical Catholic Reactionary Group, The Remnant (vs. Mark Cameron) [24 Jan. 2000] 

"Hyperbolic Traditionalists"  [Karl Keating, 1 September 2013]

Discussion on the Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, Especially in Relation to Radical Catholic Reactionaries [Facebook, 26 Nov. 2013]

Contrary to the prophets of gloom-and-doom, who say the Church in America is going to pot and all trends are downward . . . [Facebook discussion about how bad this problem (pessimism)  is, and on the state of affairs in the Church, 8 June 2014]

Pope Benedict XVI and Pope St. John XXIII on a Harmful Pessimism in the Church and "Prophets of Doom" [Facebook, 9 June 2014] 

The Biblical, Pauline Rationale for Separation from Fellow Christians in Serious Sin, or Ones Who are Relentlessly Divisive or Contentious [13 June 2014] 

Hilary White: Vatican II Ought to be Given a "Dignified Burial" [Facebook, 13 June 2014] 

Radical Catholic Reactionaryism is at Least As Serious an Error as Modernism / Liberalism / Heterodoxy (from one particular perspective, anyway) [Facebook, 13 July 2014]  

RadCathR Elliot Bougis and a Combox Buddy Comically Lash Out at Straw Men of their Own Making (Supposedly Something that I Argued) [19 July 2014; see also related discussion on Facebook


Terminology Issues: Radical Catholic Reactionaries and the Discarded Radtrad

Definitions: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, Mainstream "Traditionalists," and Supposed "Neo-Catholics" [revised 6 August 2013]

Rationales for the Newly-Adopted (and Self-Coined) Term, Radical Catholic Reactionaries (aka "RadCathRs") [6 August 2013] 

Pope Francis Uses the Terminology of "Extreme Traditionalism" (Some Quibbles with Kevin Tierney's Arguments) [5 August 2013]

"Traditionalist" Concerns Over Labeling and Classifications Considered and Granted (Karl Keating's Word Usage as a "Test Case") [8 August 2013]

On the Use of Qualifying Terms (Like "Traditionalist") Preceding the Simple Description of "Catholic"  [3 July 2013] 

Thoughts on the Now-Discarded Term, Radtrad (and on the Discussion About Ditching It, and Attacks on My Sincerity) [6 August 2013]

Origins and Ongoing Evolution of the Term, Radtrad  [18 March 2013]

Terminology Issues: Neo-Catholic

The "Traditionalist" Pet Term Neo-Catholic: Where Does it Come From? What Does it Mean? [21 April 2005]

Tridentine (EF / TLM) and Novus Ordo (OF / "New") Mass

Liturgical Abuses at Mass: How Much Should We Endure and What Should We Do About It? (Dave Armstrong and David W. Emery) [19 Feb. 2008]

Counter-"Traditionalist" Argument From Liturgical Development: Method of Receiving Holy Communion (vs. David Palm) [25 June 2008] 

Michael Voris' Denigration of the Ordinary Form of the Mass vs. Pope Benedict XVI's 2007 Decrees [16 Nov. 2012] 

Reply to Misrepresentations of My Opinions (Liturgical and Otherwise) by a RadCathR  [17 Nov. 2012]

Variant Postures for Worship and Reception of Holy Communion: the Biblical Data, and Cultural Factors  [13 Jan. 2013]

Exchange on Whether I am Wrong to Prohibit Bashing of the Pauline Mass on My Facebook Page [9 Jan. 2013] 

Peter Kwasniewski, Fr. Thomas Kocik and a Growing Chorus Disagree with Pope Benedict XVI Regarding the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite Mass (Or, Reports of the Death of the Reform of the Reform are Greatly Exaggerated)  [+ Part Two] [24 Feb. 2014]

Karl Keating on the Underlying Causes of Residual Prejudice Against the Tridentine Mass (+ a Defense of Vatican II in the Combox) [Facebook, 8 March 2014]

Vatican II

Vatican II: Is it Orthodox and Binding? / The Infallibility and Sublime Authority of Conciliar and Papal Decrees / Different Levels of Church Authority (vs. several RadCathRs) [30 July 1999] 

Radical Catholic Reactionaries and Vatican II [Facebook discussion, 17 Aug. 2013] 

Dialogue on Vatican II: Its Relative Worth, Interpretation, and Application (with Patti Sheffield vs. David Palm) [20 Sep. 2013] 

Karl Keating on the Underlying Causes of Residual Prejudice Against the Tridentine Mass (+ a Defense of Vatican II in the Combox) [Facebook, 8 March 2014]

I'm a Catholic Largely Because of Vatican II [Facebook, 25 April 2014]  



Blessed Pope John Paul II's Teaching Concerning Marital Submission: Consistent Development or Contradictory Innovation? [23 Feb. 2007] 

Robert Sungenis Misrepresents the "St. Peter Being Hypocritical with Jews" Incident in Galatians and Makes a Pathetic Comparison to Pope Benedict XVI [3 June 2011]  

"Pope Francis for Dummies": Helpful Resources for Folks Who Are Puzzled, Perplexed, or Bamboozled by Ubiquitous Media Imbecilities and Remarkably Christlike Words and Actions [11 Oct. 2013] [Links page] 

Discussion on the Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, Especially in Relation to Radical Catholic Reactionaries [Facebook, 26 Nov. 2013]

"Those who are willing to understand Pope Francis, can and will do so. Those who aren't willing, won't, and possibly can't as well." [Lengthy defense of my "proverb" and of Pope Francis] [Facebook,  18 Jan. 2014]

Is Pope Francis Guilty of Blasphemy and Departure from All Catholic Mariological Tradition in His Comments on the Possible Momentary Temptation of Mary at the Cross? [19 Jan. 2014]

Who's Defending Summorum Pontificum Now? [Facebook, 26 Feb. 2014]

Does Pope Francis Think that Jesus was Literally a Sinner in a Sense Beyond Bearing Our Sins on the Cross (Partaking / Entering Into Sin)? [27 February 2014] 

"The New Gnosticism": The Outrage of Checking Translations of Papal Homilies (+ Elliot Bougis' Claims that Pope Francis is Heretical / Modernist / Liberal, or Reasonable Facsimile Thereof [Facebook, 28 February 2014]

Pope Benedict XVI and Pope St. John XXIII on a Harmful Pessimism in the Church and "Prophets of Doom" [Facebook, 9 June 2014] 

Reply to a Critique of My Book, Pope Francis Explained, by Dr. Phil Blosser [24 August 2014] 

Ecumenism and Salvation "Outside" the Catholic Church

On Salvation Outside the Catholic Church (Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.) 

Does the Catholic Church Equate Allah and Yahweh (God)? [article for Seton Magazine, 18 June 2014; see additional important clarifications and vigorous discussion on my Facebook page]

Catholic Magisterial Use of the Description, "Separated Brethren" Prior to Vatican II (1962-1965) [25 March 2013] 

Does the Catholic Church Equate Allah and Yahweh? [18 Nov. 2007]  

Is Amazing Grace an "Anti-Catholic" Hymn? [Michael Voris says yes] [1 Nov. 2010]

Dialogue on "Salvation Outside the Church" and Alleged Catholic Magisterial Contradictions (Particularly in the Middle Ages; With Emphasis on St. Thomas Aquinas's Views) [30 Jan. 2003]

Should a Christian Ever Contribute to a Mosque Building Fund? / Early Christians and Jewish Synagogue and Temple Worship (vs. Grubb) [25 March 2007]

["Positive" as in faithful, obedient, optimistic, "God can do all things" trusting: as opposed to a pessimistic, cynical, doom-and-gloom, negative, "oh woe is us", quasi-defectibility attitude. The faithful, orthodox Catholic is a positive, sunny, hopeful person. It's not the "Church of Nice" nonsense (pretending there are no problems); it is a positive, glowing faith that God calls us to have, by His grace and power, in the Spirit.]

 Michael Voris

Is Amazing Grace an "Anti-Catholic" Hymn? [Michael Voris says yes] [1 Nov. 2010]

Michael Voris' Denigration of the Ordinary Form of the Mass vs. Pope Benedict XVI's 2007 Decrees [16 Nov. 2012]

Debate on Michael Voris; Particularly Focusing on His Exaggerated Statements and Pessimistic Views Regarding the Church [3 July 2013]

Critique of Three Highly Questionable Statements from Michael Voris About the State of the Church [3 July 2013] 

Michael Voris' Anti-Protestant Rhetoric (+ vigorous Facebook discussion) [8 August 2013]

Michael Voris Contention that Communion in the Hand (and Standing) Has No Historical Basis Whatsoever (+ vigorous Facebook discussion) [8 August 2013]

My Opinion on Michael Voris' Outlook [12 August 2013]

Michael Voris' Critique of Catholic Answers Salaries and Contention that Two Radio Shows on "Radical Traditionalism" Have Harmed CA's Finances and Support  [31 August 2013] 
[+ Facebook discussion] 

Are So-Called "Establishment" Apologists Financially Compromised and Do They Deliberately Avoid Criticizing Bishops for Fear of Monetary Loss? (Michael Voris' Criticism) 
 [2 September 2013] [+ Facebook discussion]

Michael Voris' Fawning Interview with Extremist and Anti-Semite E. Michael Jones, and Responses [3 September 2013] [+ Facebook discussion] 

Discussion on Rising Priestly Vocations in the United States and Worldwide [Facebook, 3 December 2013] 

Has Michael Voris Espoused Geocentrism? (His Interview with Robert Sungenis and Rick DeLano) [Facebook, 9 January 2014]

Michael Voris Strongly Implies that Many (Most?) Bishops Will Go to Hell / How Much Should We Dwell on Criticisms of Bishops? [Facebook, 13 January 2014] 

A reply to Michael Voris and his latest attack on those of us who dared to question him (Brendan Malone) [30 January 2014] 

Jeremiad Against Michael Voris' Latest Doom-and-Gloom Video, The New Church (18 June 2014) [Facebook, 19 June 2014]

Errors of Robert Sungenis (Theology of God,  Geocentrism, Attacks on Blessed JPII and BXVI )


Response (in Words and Actions) to the Vehement Criticisms of Geocentrists "johnmartin" and "juscot" [10 Dec. 2010] 

Neo-geocentrism: Excessive Interest in Usury Comes to Naught  (David Palm)

On Credibility, Conspiracies, and Caution (David Palm)

Sungenis and "johnmartin" Studiously Miss the Point (David Palm)

Neo-geos Come Unravelled (Robert Sungenis and John Martin) (David Palm) 

Neo-Geos: Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain (David Palm)

"2012: A Sungenis Odd-yssey": Robert Sungenis Pushes a "DVD of the Month" from an Anti-Christian Gnostic Space Case, Claiming that Famed Director Stanley Kubrick Filmed Fake Moon Landings [23 Jan. 2012]

Robert Sungenis' Lousy "Comedic" Attempts to Rationalize His "Fake Moon Landings Filmed by Kubrick" Viewpoint, Complete with (Twice!) Imaginary Words of Yours Truly [25 Jan. 2012]

Guess I Hit a Nerve: the Singular "Apologist" (???) Bob Sungenis Goes Nuclear Against Yours Truly in His "Reply" to My Two Rational Critiques / Responses [26 Jan. 2012] 


Can God Change His Mind?: Dialogue With Bob Sungenis on God's Immutability, Omniscience, Atemporality, Simplicity, and Impassibility (Divine Emotions?) [13 Nov. 2010] 

Robert Sungenis' "Changeable God": More Documentation of His Erroneous Views (God Changing His Mind, Having Emotions, Being Bound to Time) [10 Nov. 2010]  

Does the Church Support Robert Sungenis' Novel Theories? (Jonathan Field)

Jonathan Field vs. Robert Sungenis on the Latter's Errors Regarding the Theology of God, Part II 
[8 Nov. 2010] 

Robert Sungenis' Responses to Recent Critiques on This Blog Regarding God's Characteristics and Geocentrism (With My Replies) [19 Nov. 2010]




Religious Liberty

The Controversial "Torture" Issue as Related to Catholic Development of Doctrine on the Treatment of Heretics [24 Oct. 2006] 

The Catholic Church's Consistent Doctrine on Religious Liberty (William G. Most)
A Response to John Noonan, Jr. Concerning the Development of Catholic Moral Doctrine (Usury, Marriage, Slavery, Religious freedom) (Patrick M. O'Neil)
Torture and Punishment as a Problem in Catholic Moral Theology: Part I. The Witness of Sacred Scripture (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Torture and Punishment as a Problem in Catholic Moral Theology: Part II. The Witness of Tradition and Magisterium (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
The Center is Holding / The Second Vatican Council and Religious Liberty (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Pius IX, Vatican II and Religious Liberty (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Dignitatis Humanae: A Non-Contradictory Doctrinal Development (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Religious Freedom: Does Vatican Council II Contradict Traditional Catholic Doctrine? A Debate (Brian W. Harrison vs. Arnold T. Guminski; South Bend: St. Augustine Press, 2013)
Religious Liberty: "Rights" vs. "Tolerance" (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
John Courtney Murray: A Reliable Interpreter of Dignitatis Humanae? (+ Part Two)  (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Review of Michael Davies’ book, The Second Vatican Council and Religious Liberty (Fr. Brian W. Harrison) 
Is Ecumenism a Heresy? (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)

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