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Radical Catholic Reactionaries vs. Catholic Traditionalism (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


I highly urge more mainstream "traditionalists" who read any of the papers listed below, to first read my paper:  Definitions: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, Mainstream "Traditionalists," and Supposed "Neo-Catholics" (Chapter One of my book, Mass Movements: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, the New Mass, and Ecumenism), and also my Introduction to this book. This will preclude needless misunderstandings regarding exactly what I am against, and what I agree with. I am not "against" mainstream "traditionalism." Thanks! I wrote in my Chapter One, linked above:

I have much in common with "traditionalists". I admire several things about them: . . . I am usually in agreement with "traditionalists" and consider myself a close ally to them. We disagree on some things, but this is far less than the agreement and unity that is present.. . . I don't share all of their particular concerns or analyses. Nevertheless, I feel quite close to them, and a strong kinship or affinity.
Also, for a very helpful, thoughtful treatment of the general topic, written by my friend David Palm, the self-described "reluctant traditionalist," see his essay, What is Traditional Catholicism? I don't agree with absolutely everything he writes, but I think this is a good aid for drawing the necessary distinctions that are so crucial in discussing these matters.

"Pope Francis Defended": Helpful Resources for Confused, Troubled, and Frustrated Folks [11 Oct. 2013] [Links page: articles added all the time; the total is 131 as of 2-23-15] 

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Legitimate Catholic "Traditionalism"

Am I a "Traditionalist"? (Well, You Decide) [25 March 2013]

"Doctrinal Minimalism" and the Critiques of Catholic "Traditionalists" [9 Nov. 2009]

Dietrich von Hildebrand and Legitimate Catholic "Traditionalism" [27 Feb. 2002] 

Ruminations on "Traditionalism" (Especially Ongoing Conciliatory Efforts Between "Traditionalists" and Other Orthodox Catholics) [20 Sep. 2013] 

Comment on Catholics Who Have to Understand  Every Last Aspect of the Faith, or Else They are Troubled (Or in Crisis) [Facebook, 28 Dec. 2013]

On the Ultimate Folly and Futility of Worrying About Swishy Bishops and Other Liberal Dissidents in the Church, and "PR" Regarding the Pope [1 October 2014] 

Shall We Kick All of the Liberal Dissidents and Dissenters Out of the Church? Jesus and the Catholic Church Say No [Facebook, 3 October 2014] 

On the Traditionalist Use of "Conservative Catholic" [Facebook, 8 May 2015]

Radical Catholic Reactionaries

Pensées on Radical Catholic Reactionaries [7 Jan. 2012] 

Why Write Against Radical Catholic Reactionaries? [Facebook, 19 Aug. 2013]

Reply to (Posited) "Taditionalist" or (More Likely) Radical Catholic Reactionary Critiques of Two of My Book Titles [Facebook, 4 May 2014]

Do "Right" and "Left" Properly Apply by Analogy to an Ecclesiastical Spectrum as Well as to Political Analysis? [Facebook, 24 Aug. 2013]   

My Approach to Radical Catholic Reactionaries; How (in My Opinion) to Effectively Rescue Them from Their Bondage [Facebook, 26 March 2014; a "jeremiad"; not a warm fuzzy paper . . .]

Critique of my Syllabus of 60 RadCathR Errors and My Counter-Reply (vs. Mark Cameron) [24 Nov. 2000] 

Why Those Who Publicly Attack Bishops Are Wrong (Fr. Angelo Geiger, Mary Victrix, 31 March 2014) 

"Hyperbolic Traditionalists"  [Karl Keating, 1 September 2013]

Contrary to the prophets of gloom-and-doom, who say the Church in America is going to pot and all trends are downward . . . [Facebook discussion about how bad this problem (pessimism)  is, and on the state of affairs in the Church, 8 June 2014]

Exchange on Pope Francis and the Church (vs. Tony Jokin) [Facebook, 17 December 2014]

Silly and Entertaining Personal Attacks from Radical Catholic Reactionaries [Facebook, 10 July 2015]

Terminology Issues: Radical Catholic Reactionaries and the Discarded Radtrad

Definitions: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, Mainstream "Traditionalists," and Supposed "Neo-Catholics" [revised 6 August 2013]

Rationales for the Newly-Adopted (and Self-Coined) Term, Radical Catholic Reactionaries (aka "RadCathRs") [6 August 2013] 

Pope Francis Uses the Terminology of "Extreme Traditionalism" (Some Quibbles with Kevin Tierney's Arguments) [5 August 2013]

"Traditionalist" Concerns Over Labeling and Classifications Considered and Granted (Karl Keating's Word Usage as a "Test Case") [8 August 2013]

On the Use of Qualifying Terms (Like "Traditionalist") Preceding the Simple Description of "Catholic"  [3 July 2013] 

Thoughts on the Now-Discarded Term, Radtrad (and on the Discussion About Ditching It, and Attacks on My Sincerity) [6 August 2013]

Origins and Ongoing Evolution of the Term, Radtrad  [18 March 2013]

Terminology Issues: Neo-Catholic

The "Traditionalist" Pet Term Neo-Catholic: Where Does it Come From? What Does it Mean? [21 April 2005]

Tridentine (EF / TLM) and Novus Ordo (OF / "New") Mass

Liturgical Abuses at Mass: How Much Should We Endure and What Should We Do About It? (Dave Armstrong and David W. Emery) [19 Feb. 2008]

Counter-"Traditionalist" Argument From Liturgical Development: Method of Receiving Holy Communion (vs. David Palm) [25 June 2008] 

Michael Voris' Denigration of the Ordinary Form of the Mass vs. Pope Benedict XVI's 2007 Decrees [16 Nov. 2012] 

Reply to Misrepresentations of My Opinions (Liturgical and Otherwise) by a RadCathR  [17 Nov. 2012]

Variant Postures for Worship and Reception of Holy Communion: the Biblical Data, and Cultural Factors  [13 Jan. 2013]

Exchange on Whether I am Wrong to Prohibit Bashing of the Pauline Mass on My Facebook Page [9 Jan. 2013] 

Peter Kwasniewski, Fr. Thomas Kocik and a Growing Chorus Disagree with Pope Benedict XVI Regarding the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite Mass (Or, Reports of the Death of the Reform of the Reform are Greatly Exaggerated)  [+ Part Two] [24 Feb. 2014]

Karl Keating on the Underlying Causes of Residual Prejudice Against the Tridentine Mass (+ a Defense of Vatican II in the Combox) [Facebook, 8 March 2014]

Vatican II

Vatican II: Is it Orthodox and Binding? / The Infallibility and Sublime Authority of Conciliar and Papal Decrees / Different Levels of Church Authority (vs. several RadCathRs) [30 July 1999] 

Radical Catholic Reactionaries and Vatican II [Facebook discussion, 17 Aug. 2013] 

Dialogue on Vatican II: Its Relative Worth, Interpretation, and Application (with Patti Sheffield vs. David Palm) [20 Sep. 2013] 

Karl Keating on the Underlying Causes of Residual Prejudice Against the Tridentine Mass (+ a Defense of Vatican II in the Combox) [Facebook, 8 March 2014]

I'm a Catholic Largely Because of Vatican II [Facebook, 25 April 2014]  

Defense of Vatican II and Ecumenism (Dave Armstrong and Paul Hoffer vs. Tony Jokin) [Facebook discussion thread, 18 December 2014]



"Pope Francis Defended": Helpful Resources for Confused, Troubled, and Frustrated Folks [11 Oct. 2013] [Links page: articles added all the time] 

Blessed Pope John Paul II's Teaching Concerning Marital Submission: Consistent Development or Contradictory Innovation? [23 Feb. 2007] 

Robert Sungenis Misrepresents the "St. Peter Being Hypocritical with Jews" Incident in Galatians and Makes a Pathetic Comparison to Pope Benedict XVI [3 June 2011]  

Discussion on the Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, Especially in Relation to Radical Catholic Reactionaries [Facebook, 26 Nov. 2013]

"Those who are willing to understand Pope Francis, can and will do so. Those who aren't willing, won't, and possibly can't as well." [Lengthy defense of my "proverb" and of Pope Francis] [Facebook,  18 Jan. 2014]

Is Pope Francis Guilty of Blasphemy and Departure from All Catholic Mariological Tradition in His Comments on the Possible Momentary Temptation of Mary at the Cross? [19 Jan. 2014]

Who's Defending Summorum Pontificum Now? [Facebook, 26 Feb. 2014]

Does Pope Francis Think that Jesus was Literally a Sinner in a Sense Beyond Bearing Our Sins on the Cross (Partaking / Entering Into Sin)? [27 February 2014] 

"The New Gnosticism": The Outrage of Checking Translations of Papal Homilies (+ Elliot Bougis' Claims that Pope Francis is Heretical / Modernist / Liberal, or Reasonable Facsimile Thereof [Facebook, 28 February 2014]

Pope Benedict XVI and Pope St. John XXIII on a Harmful Pessimism in the Church and "Prophets of Doom" [Facebook, 9 June 2014] 

Reply to a Critique of My Book, Pope Francis Explained, by Dr. Phil Blosser [24 August 2014] 

Idiotic Radical Catholic Reactionary  Views of Pope Francis [Facebook, 31 Dec. 2014] 
Documentation: Pope Francis is Orthodox, Pro-Tradition, and Against Modernism [Dan Marcum, Catholic Answers Forum, 1-9-15] [see also a compact, abridged Facebook version]  

Critique of Chris Ferrara's Radical Reactionary Hit-Piece in Opposition to Pope Francis' Christian Environmentalism [20 June 2015] 

Ecumenism and Salvation "Outside" the Catholic Church

A Response to (and Befuddlement Over) Criticisms of the Second Ecumenical Gathering at Assisi (2002) (Mark P. Shea) [28 Feb. 2006] 

Defense of Vatican II and Ecumenism (Dave Armstrong and Paul Hoffer vs. Tony Jokin) [Facebook discussion thread, 18 December 2014] 

On Salvation Outside the Catholic Church (Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.) 

Does the Catholic Church Equate Allah and Yahweh (God)? [article for Seton Magazine, 18 June 2014; see additional important clarifications and vigorous discussion on my Facebook page]

Catholic Magisterial Use of the Description, "Separated Brethren" Prior to Vatican II (1962-1965) [25 March 2013] 

Does the Catholic Church Equate Allah and Yahweh? [18 Nov. 2007]  

Is Amazing Grace an "Anti-Catholic" Hymn? [Michael Voris says yes] [1 Nov. 2010]

Dialogue on "Salvation Outside the Church" and Alleged Catholic Magisterial Contradictions (Particularly in the Middle Ages; With Emphasis on St. Thomas Aquinas's Views) [30 Jan. 2003]

Should a Christian Ever Contribute to a Mosque Building Fund? / Early Christians and Jewish Synagogue and Temple Worship (vs. Grubb) [25 March 2007]

 Michael Voris 

Is Amazing Grace an "Anti-Catholic" Hymn? [Michael Voris says yes] [1 Nov. 2010]

Michael Voris' Denigration of the Ordinary Form of the Mass vs. Pope Benedict XVI's 2007 Decrees [16 Nov. 2012]

Debate on Michael Voris; Particularly Focusing on His Exaggerated Statements and Pessimistic Views Regarding the Church [3 July 2013]

Critique of Three Highly Questionable Statements from Michael Voris About the State of the Church [3 July 2013] 

Michael Voris' Anti-Protestant Rhetoric (+ vigorous Facebook discussion) [8 August 2013]

Michael Voris Contention that Communion in the Hand (and Standing) Has No Historical Basis Whatsoever (+ vigorous Facebook discussion) [8 August 2013]

My Opinion on Michael Voris' Outlook [12 August 2013]

Michael Voris' Critique of Catholic Answers Salaries and Contention that Two Radio Shows on "Radical Traditionalism" Have Harmed CA's Finances and Support  [31 August 2013] 
[+ Facebook discussion] 

Are So-Called "Establishment" Apologists Financially Compromised and Do They Deliberately Avoid Criticizing Bishops for Fear of Monetary Loss? (Michael Voris' Criticism) 
 [2 September 2013] [+ Facebook discussion]

Michael Voris' Fawning Interview with Extremist and Anti-Semite E. Michael Jones, and Responses [3 September 2013] [+ Facebook discussion] 

Discussion on Rising Priestly Vocations in the United States and Worldwide [Facebook, 3 December 2013] 

Has Michael Voris Espoused Geocentrism? (His Interview with Robert Sungenis and Rick DeLano) [Facebook, 9 January 2014]

Michael Voris Strongly Implies that Many (Most?) Bishops Will Go to Hell / How Much Should We Dwell on Criticisms of Bishops? [Facebook, 13 January 2014] 

A reply to Michael Voris and his latest attack on those of us who dared to question him (Brendan Malone) [30 January 2014] 

Jeremiad Against Michael Voris' Latest Doom-and-Gloom Video, The New Church (18 June 2014) [Facebook, 19 June 2014]

Errors of Robert Sungenis (Theology of God,  Geocentrism, Attacks on Blessed JPII and BXVI )


My 5-Star Amazon Review of Karl Keating's The New Geocentrists (11 February 2015) (+ Facebook discussion)

Response (in Words and Actions) to the Vehement Criticisms of Geocentrists "johnmartin" and "juscot" [10 Dec. 2010] 

Neo-geocentrism: Excessive Interest in Usury Comes to Naught  (David Palm)

On Credibility, Conspiracies, and Caution (David Palm)

Sungenis and "johnmartin" Studiously Miss the Point (David Palm)

Neo-geos Come Unravelled (Robert Sungenis and John Martin) (David Palm) 

Neo-Geos: Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain (David Palm)

"2012: A Sungenis Odd-yssey": Robert Sungenis Pushes a "DVD of the Month" from an Anti-Christian Gnostic Space Case, Claiming that Famed Director Stanley Kubrick Filmed Fake Moon Landings [23 Jan. 2012]

Robert Sungenis' Lousy "Comedic" Attempts to Rationalize His "Fake Moon Landings Filmed by Kubrick" Viewpoint, Complete with (Twice!) Imaginary Words of Yours Truly [25 Jan. 2012]

Guess I Hit a Nerve: the Singular "Apologist" (???) Bob Sungenis Goes Nuclear Against Yours Truly in His "Reply" to My Two Rational Critiques / Responses [26 Jan. 2012] 


Can God Change His Mind?: Dialogue With Bob Sungenis on God's Immutability, Omniscience, Atemporality, Simplicity, and Impassibility (Divine Emotions?) [13 Nov. 2010] 

Robert Sungenis' "Changeable God": More Documentation of His Erroneous Views (God Changing His Mind, Having Emotions, Being Bound to Time) [10 Nov. 2010]  

Does the Church Support Robert Sungenis' Novel Theories? (Jonathan Field)

Jonathan Field vs. Robert Sungenis on the Latter's Errors Regarding the Theology of God, Part II 
[8 Nov. 2010] 

Robert Sungenis' Responses to Recent Critiques on This Blog Regarding God's Characteristics and Geocentrism (With My Replies) [19 Nov. 2010]




Religious Liberty

The Catholic Church's Consistent Doctrine on Religious Liberty (William G. Most)
A Response to John Noonan, Jr. Concerning the Development of Catholic Moral Doctrine (Usury, Marriage, Slavery, Religious freedom) (Patrick M. O'Neil)
The Center is Holding / The Second Vatican Council and Religious Liberty (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Pius IX, Vatican II and Religious Liberty (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Dignitatis Humanae: A Non-Contradictory Doctrinal Development (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Religious Freedom: Does Vatican Council II Contradict Traditional Catholic Doctrine? A Debate (Brian W. Harrison vs. Arnold T. Guminski; South Bend: St. Augustine Press, 2013)
Religious Liberty: "Rights" vs. "Tolerance" (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
John Courtney Murray: A Reliable Interpreter of Dignitatis Humanae? (+ Part Two)  (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Review of Michael Davies’ book, The Second Vatican Council and Religious Liberty (Fr. Brian W. Harrison) 
Is Ecumenism a Heresy? (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)


Calm, Reasoned (Rather Than Hyper-Polemical) Orthodox Catholic Resources on the "Torture" / "Enhanced Interrogation" Ethical Issue [19 Dec. 2014] 

The Controversial "Torture" Issue as Related to Catholic Development of Doctrine on the Treatment of Heretics [24 Oct. 2006]  

Waterboarding: Pro and Con [extensive discussion as to whether it is "torture" and therefore, intrinsically wrong; Facebook, 5 May 2014] 

Jesus' Parabolic and Analogical Reference to "Torturers" in Matthew 18:34, as a Relevant Consideration in Arguments Over the Ethics of Waterboarding and Coercive or Corporal Punishment in General  [7 May 2014]

Clarification of My Position on the Toture / Interrogation Issue (+ Attempted Socratic Debates on the Topic [Facebook, 30 Dec. 2014: 659 comments!]

Torture and Punishment as a Problem in Catholic Moral Theology: Part I. The Witness of Sacred Scripture (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Torture and Punishment as a Problem in Catholic Moral Theology: Part II. The Witness of Tradition and Magisterium (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Clarification on the Definition of "Torture" (Fr. Brian W. Harrison) 
The Church and Torture (Fr. Brian W. Harrison, This Rock, Dec. 2006)

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff in the Great Torture Debate (Christopher Blosser, The American Catholic, 22 Jan. 2010)
Catholic Advocacy of Torture: A Teaching Moment for the Catholic Bishops? (Christopher Blosser, First Things, 12 Feb. 2010)

What About Torture? (Jimmy Akin, 28 June 2004)
Doubts About Torture (Jimmy Akin, 26 Oct. 2006)
Defining Torture: An Initial Exploration (Jimmy Akin, Nov. 2006)

Defining Torture: Proposing A Definition (Jimmy Akin,Nov. 2006)
Defining Torture: One More Thought (Jimmy Akin,Nov. 2006)

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