Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sexuality, Gender, Feminism, and Divorce (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)

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Radical feminist pioneer Betty Friedan

Sexuality (General)

Dialogue: Is Premarital Sex Wrong? (vs. C. Jack Elliott)

Feminism and Female "Priests"

Men, Women, Marriage, and Family

Biblical Evidence For the Sacrament of Matrimony [now available only in chapter fourteen of my book, Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths]



Dialogue on Homosexuality (vs. Sogn Mill-Scout)

Dialogue With a Bisexual Agnostic on Homosexuality (+ Part II, which includes very extensive medical/scientific data)

Was Same-Sex "Marriage" a Christian Rite? (Jimmy Akin; video)


Last updated: 18 April 2014.



Phil said...

The link to Steve Hay's attack on R-rated Catholic piety is broken.

Dave Armstrong said...

I got rid of that paper a whole back. It was too silly to take seriously, even by Hays' rock-bottom standards.

Phil said...