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Salvation, Justification, and "Faith Alone" (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


General (Catholic View) / Infused Justification

Sola Fide (Faith Alone: the Protestant View)


The Catholic Understanding of the Anathemas of Trent and Excommunication (includes an important discussion by then-Cardinal Ratzinger [now Pope Benedict XVI] and others about how the Tridentine anathemas do not necessarily apply to many Protestant soteriological positions, rightly understood)

Sin / Mortal and Venial Sin


Instant Assurance of Salvation / Eternal Security / Perseverance of the Saints

Friendly Protestant-Catholic Dialogue on Eternal Security and Original Sin (vs. Bethany Kerr) [Facebook, 13 April 2015]

Examples of Individuals Losing Salvation in Scripture (Nick's Catholic Blog)

The Gospel, Faith, and "Personal Relationship With Jesus"

Grace, Catholic Anti-Pelagianism, Synergism, and Merit


Merit: Catholic Doctrine vs. Caricature (James McCarthy's Distortions)

Dialogue: "Doing Something" for Salvation (vs. Craig Kott)

Short Exchange on the Attempted Polemical Parallel Between Judaizers and Catholics (Alleged Works-Salvation)

Catholic-Baptist Dialogue on "Being Good Enough" to Go to Heaven, etc. (vs. "Grubb")

Is Catholic Soteriology Pelagian? (Reginald de Piperno) 

Reply to Lutheran Nathan Rinne: Exegetical Exposition on Whether the "Leaven" of the Pharisees is Hypocrisy or Doctrinal Falsehood  

1 Corinthians 3:9 and Man's Cooperation With God

Human, Pauline, and Marian Distribution of Divine Graces: Not an "Unbiblical" Notion After All?

Baptist Pastor Ken Temple Proves That St. Paul Was a Blasphemer Who Claimed That People Can Save Others (Mariology and Synergistic Soteriology)

"There is One Mediator" (1 Timothy 2:5): Does This Rule Out "Mini-Mediators"?


Atonement / Limited Atonement

Original Sin and Total Depravity

Christian Replies to the Argument From Evil (Free Will Defense): Is God Malevolent, Weak, or Non-Existent Because of the Existence of Evil and Suffering? [includes lengthy analysis of the nature and cause of the fall of man]

Does St. Augustine Agree with John Calvin and Calvinists Regarding Total Depravity? (Reply to Detractors) [1-7-14 ]

St. Francis de Sales' Argument Against Total Depravity and for the Indefectibility of the Church, from the Psalms

Fr. Robert Barron Denies That Adam Was a "Literal Figure"

Defending the Literal, Historical Adam of the Genesis Account (vs. Catholic Eric S. Giunta)

Total Depravity: Are the Non-Elect Continually Evil? (vs. John Calvin)

Clarification of My Positions on Predestination and Calvinism (Especially Total Depravity), in Reply to the Ridiculously Muddle-Headed Insults of TAO and in Light of John Bugay's Manifest Abominable Ethics

Predestination and God's Sovereignty

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