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Political, Ethical, Moral Issues (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


American Political Issues

Political Apathy, Cynicism, and the "They're All Exactly the Same" Immoral Equivalence Myth Are All Inexcusable Cop-Outs [Facebook, 4 October 2014]

My Electoral College Predictions for 2012 (Romney 289, Obama 249 and 52%-48%) [Facebook; posted on 28 September 2012, before all the TV debates took place) 

Catholic Politics: Neither "Left" Nor "Right" But Radically Orthodox (+ My Own Views)

Vigorous Discussion (and My Rants) on Libertarianism, Third Parties, 2016, and RINOs [Facebook, 5 Nov. 2013]

Jeremiad Against Libertarianism (or at least some highly secularized, extreme versions of it) [11-20-13]

On the Word, Conservative, and Whether it Ought to be Ditched [Facebook, 4 July 2014]

My Month-Old Electoral Predictions Revisited [Facebook: 1 November 2012]

Group Discussion on President Obama's Character, Honesty, and Likability [Facebook, 2 April 2012] 

Initial Reaction to the Supreme Court's Obamacare Decision: Win-Win Scenario (+ additional follow-up discussion) [Facebook, 28 June 2012]

Discussion on the Democrat Party's Acceptance of Same-Sex "Marriage," Economic Policies (supposedly being for the "little guy"), and the Immigration Issue [Facebook, 30 July 2012]

Comment / Rave on Mitt Romney's Waffling on Abortion and "Articulate" Republican Nominees

'Twas the Month After Election (A Satirical Poem) [included in my collected Christmas poems: about the 2000 election]

The Pathetic "One-Issue Voter" Canard on the Abortion Issue / John McCain's Stellar Pro-Life Voting Record

 Cultural Analysis of America 

Slavery and the American Civil War / War Between the States

Confederate Generals and Slavery [vigorous Facebook discussion, 13 Oct. 2013] 

The Bible, Church History, and Slavery: Huge Scandal for Christianity or Thoroughly Distorted Picture from Skeptics and Atheists? [Resources Page]

Civil Rights / Race Relations / Prejudice

Capitalism, Distributism, Wealth, and Catholic Social Teaching 

Random Thoughts on Catholic Social Teaching

The "Torture" / Interrogation Dispute

The Controversial "Torture" Issue as Related to Catholic Development of Doctrine on the Treatment of Heretics 

Waterboarding: Pro and Con [extensive discussion as to whether it is "torture" and therefore, intrinsically wrong; Facebook, 5 May 2014] 

Jesus' Parabolic and Analogical Reference to "Torturers" in Matthew 18:34, as a Relevant Consideration in Arguments Over the Ethics of Waterboarding and Coercive or Corporal Punishment in General  [7 May 2014]

 Illegal Immigration

The Catholic Church's (Wise) Views on the Illegal Immigration Issue [includes links]

Debate on the Premises Behind Opposition to Deportation of Illegal Immigrants (vs. Andy Kirchoff) 

Miscellaneous  Moral and Ethical Issues

Resources for the Biblical Teaching on Wine and Alcohol [Links Page]

Bob Dylan, Jesus, and St. Paul on the Cruel Game of Treating Significant Others Like Disposable Garbage  [Facebook, 26 Sep. 2012]


Dialogue on the Ethics of Replication (vs. "Grubb")

Facebook Discussion Thread on Drugs and How to Approach Addicts (Death of the Singer Amy Winehouse)

On Violence in Films and Whether Young Teens Should View It (The Book of Eli as an Example)

 Dancing and Related Issues: Thoughts on the Boundary Lines of Right and Wrong

 World Affairs

Discussion on Israeli-Gaza Strip Conflict of July 2014 [Facebook, 23 July 2014]

Yasser Arafat: The Terrorist Who Won the Nobel Peace Prize [Links Page]

Thoughts on the Death of a Dictator (Hugo Chavez) and How Catholics Ought and Ought Not to React (with Patti Sheffield) 

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